Child and Adolescent Health Service Board Safety and Quality Committee – closing date 15 June, 4pm

Consumer representatives for the CAHS Board’s Safety and Quality Committee

The Child and Adolescent Health Service Board is looking for keen and committed consumer representatives to participate in the Board’s Safety and Quality Committee.

The role of the Board and Board committees

The role of the Board and its committees is to have oversight of CAHS’ activities, ensuring that CAHS achieves its strategic aims to deliver ‘healthy kids, healthy communities’.

The role of the Safety and Quality Committee is to foster safety and quality in patient care across CAHS. It does this by monitoring and advising on matters relating to safety and quality, such as improving the experience of patient care, reducing variation in clinical care, improving patient outcomes.

The role of the consumer representative

The Board is seeking a consumer representative who is able to:

  1. Understand the role of the Board in governing the Child and Adolescent Health Service
  2. Participate in bi-monthly meetings, bringing a consumer perspective to matters raised in the Committee
  3. Have well developed communication skills
  4. Respect diversity
  5. Understand, commit to and maintain confidentiality

The commitment is to attend every 2 months. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 9 July from 8am – 10am. A consumer participation payment is payable in line with the CAHS policy.

Application and further information

Please submit an Expression of Interest of no more than one page outlining your experience and how you meet 2 – 5 above by 4pm on 15 June 2019 by email to Mary Miller, Executive Director, Safety, Quality and Engagement at

Please also contact Mary Miller for further information about the role.