Information for specific communities

We’ve put together a collection of links to COVID-19 information and advice for people from specific communities.

This is general advice only. Please speak to your doctor for individual advice.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Community Services

Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) -

LGBTQIA+ people
Multicultural communities and translated resources

WA Government translated information and advice (including restrictions) -

Multilingual COVID-19 vaccine information -

Healthy WA COVID-19 translated resources (including testing, hand washing and social distancing) -

Australian Government Department of Health multilingual resources (national information) -

Department of Home Affairs multilingual COVID-19 Resources - 

Department of Home Affairs, information about visas and financial support - 

Health Translations Network collated resources -

SBS COVID-19 Information in your language -

Migration Council of Australia multilingual app for COVID-19 information and how it impacts you in Australia -

Older people
Parents and children
People with disability

If you know of any WA or Australia-wide COVID-19 information for specific communities, please send us an email with the link and we’ll add it to this list –

*Please note that Health Consumers’ Council is not affiliated with the above organisations or websites. We thank them for making this information available for consumers.