Health Consumer Nominations

Beverly Barndon | Volunteer with Royal Perth Bentley Group

Passionate about making a difference and Beverly always looks for opportunities to help others in need. She is a long serving volunteer Lived Experience Representative with the Mental Health Service across Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPBG) as well as member of the RPBG Lived Experience Advisory Group.  She is also a valued carer representative on the Service 3 Mental Health Clinical Quality and Safety Committee. From reviewing consumer mental health publications to raising awareness of community support and services to knitting beanies to homeless people she is a dedicated volunteer who contributes wholeheartedly to improving the patient experience.

Julie Knuckey & Judy Male | Friends of Royal Perth Hospital – Concierge Service

The Concierge Service at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) is wholly made up by a team of volunteers, drawn from the community of consumers and the general public to RPH and is one of the invaluable supportive roles that the Friends of RPH provide.  The ‘Friends’ provide valuable and assistance the daily needs and well-being of patients, families and visitors to the hospital to compliment the clinical care provided to our consumers.  They are embody their titles; ‘being a friend to people in need’.

Debra Letica | Rockingham Peel Group Community Advisory Committee Chair

Commencing her journey as a Carer by wanting to “safeguard” her younger brother Steve, Debra has actively advocated on his behalf to ensure he lived his best life. Steve was born with a birth injury which resulted in a learning disability, and several other diagnoses including Cerebral Palsy and genetic Leukodystrophy which has resulted in him having a complex chronic health condition. Debra initially joined as a member of the Community Advisory Council (CAC), then progressed to become the deputy chair within her first year and is the current Chair of the Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) CAC. Her insight and ability to apply a systemic view of the health service and to work collaboratively with health professionals has been of a significant benefit to RkPG and the broader health arena.

Kath Mazzella

Kath Mazzella OAM has been tirelessly campaigning for greater awareness of women’s Gynaecological, Sexual and associated Mental Health for the past 23 years.  She continues to champion for a break down in the stigmas and barriers for women, seeking to lift the lid of silence in this area that affects millions of women in Australia and many more around the globe. While a registered business a large part of her work is self-funded which means her time and resources are a gift to our community.  She is applauded as dedicated consumer advocate in women’s health.

James Stockwell | Black Swan Health’s Headspace Program

Twenty-three-year-old James Stockwell is a passionate advocate, peer supporter and change-maker in youth mental health, drawing on his personal experience with psychosis to transform the consumer experience at every touchpoint, from barbecue banter to boardroom breakthroughs. Following his own experiences with trauma and mental health James was referred to Black Swan Health’s headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program (hYEPP) in 2015.  After   months of treatment and support, James turned his attention to the recovery of his peers and was later invited to join hYEPP’s Clinical Governance Committee as a Consumer Representative.  He is recognised as someone who considers the experiences of his peers as well as his own personal experience when giving feedback, “really making an effort to represent the consumer voice beyond himself.”

Antonella Segre | Connect Groups

CEO Antonella Segre displays a unique passion for the sector. Everyone is made to feel relevant. She has created an amazing team which support all members in countless ways.  Countless community engagement events, training and initiatives have strengthened the group. A significant outcome this support group has become a National Network and hopes soon to receive charity status.

“They reduce the burden on the system by motivating people, particularly those with chronic diseases, both physical and mental, to be a better version of themselves and to strive towards our individual goals and dreams.”