Health consumer sought to present on “Treatment overload: lifting the burden of too much healthcare”: diagnosed with high PSA or breast cancer

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability is seeking a health consumer to present at their November event – A simulation of the Australian health system – Treatment overload: Lifting the burden of too much healthcare

The NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability is hosting a unique event to talk about the complex issues affecting the sustainability of our health system. One of the current problems is healthcare waste. Approximately 30% of care is of little or no value to the patient and may in fact be harmful. The NHMRC Partnership Centre are seeking a person who would be willing to share their experience of being diagnosed with a high PSA (indicative of prostate cancer) or breast cancer. The successful applicant would deliver a 15-minute talk sharing the following:

  • how their diagnosis affected them and/or their family emotionally and financially
  • what course(s) of treatment(s) were offered
  • any discussion they may have had around the possibility of not treating the disease
  • what the person ultimately decided to do

A hundred people are expected to attend this event.  Attendees will represent all sectors of the healthcare system, including policy makers, researchers, health professionals, the media and consumers.

The work will consist of a writing a 10-15 speech and presenting it on Wednesday 13 November 2019 during the event, which will be held:

  • 2:30pm – 6 pm followed by a cocktail reception, Sydney Harbour Marriott, 30 Pitt Street Sydney NSW

Please note that the NHMRC Partnership Centre will cover all travel expenses and waive the registration fee for the successful consumer representative.

The NHMRC Partnership Centre welcomes expressions of interest by close of business Monday 30 September 2019.  To apply, please email the following to Research Officer at the NHMRC Partnership Centre, Dr K-lynn Smith at :
• a letter verifying experience
• A CV in pdf format

Please contact K-lynn Smith at the NHMRC Partnership Centre on 02 9850 2243 should you have any queries.

Expressions of interest close COB on Monday 30 September 2019