Health Professional Nominations

Dr Ackinclose | Collie Hospital

Made me relax and even laugh when treating me for a head injury, late at night in Collie Hospital. All the local doctors do a great job in the community and all have to be on call at the hospital as well as their day jobs as GP’s.

Leah Bonson | Child & Adolescent Health Services

Leah is a highly motivated promoter and advocate at the Child and Adolescent Health Service, particularly in the mental health area in providing essential services to the wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  She works hard at maintaining essential networks as well as collaborating with consumers to make a difference in the communities.

Bernadette Bragg |  Complex Care Co-ordinator Armadale Hospital

Three months after a patient was discharged from care after presenting, catatonic with the impact of post-traumatic stress, she walked back into Armadale with her husband to personally thank Bernadette and the rest of the staff for all their treatment, support and kindness. Her husband wrote “The quality service we have and still receive from all hospital staff is amazing. Especially the care coordinator Bernie goes way beyond excellent service more like family care..Bernie has gone out of her way to help both of us.”

Kerri Colgate | St John of God Hospital, Midland

Kerri has continuously strived both within her organization and out in the community to ensure the highest quality of care for both the patients and their families. Kerri continues to educate health care professionals around the importance of Indigenous culture, and what that means for the provision of healthcare.

Trish Connery Clinical Nurse | Royal Perth Hospital

Clinical Nurse for the Scoliosis surgery service at RPH, Trish is a dedicated health care practitioner who works tirelessly to ensure patients, family and carers are comfortable and confident in their patient journey.  With a generous and kind attitude to her profession she readily makes herself available pre-to her colleagues and patients.

Dr Andrew Davies | Homeless Healthcare

Andrew founded a charity in 2008 dedicated to providing health services to Perth’s homeless now has over 20 doctors, nurses and support people.  Andrew and his team hold regular mobile clinics It is Andrew’s vision not only to improve the health of homeless and marginalised people but to provide education to other health professionals and trainees regarding the healthcare needs of this portion of our population.

Dr Guminpilla Dumidu |  Corfield Medical Practice

Dr Guminpilla Dumidu consistently supported me as a single woman, then newly married struggling with fertility, now a new mother. He makes you feel like you’re not a number. He doesn’t hurry you and is thorough.

Dr John Edwards  | Cambridge Clinic

He cares, is great at what he does and meets the individual where they are at without judgement or ridicule. He has been nominated also because of his sincere drive to ‘make a difference.’  Committed to all areas of addiction and mental health everyone is treated as equal.

Dr Jan Franzone | King Edward Hospital

I was a patient who came into Jan’s care at 38.5 Weeks pregnant. She went above and beyond to ensure we were made comfortable and educated on all our options. She is constantly ensuring ALL patients have equal and fair care. I watched her over a 11 hour period and she never discriminated or treated any patients which anything but the friendliest care. She is a stunning example of someone who has pride in their profession and takes it seriously.

Dr Hans Grobbelaar |  Exmouth Health Service

Hans Grobbelaar is a GP at Exmouth Health Service. Hailing from South Africa Hans moved to Australia in 2004 and began working as a GP in Corrigan. During his time there Hans won the “Town Treasure” award for being generally loved by the town.

Since moving to and working in the rural town of Exmouth in 2010, Hans has not only diagnosed severe illnesses, saved many lives but also reassured patients, carers and families with his empathetic and compassionate approach. He has been a strong advocate to maintain adequate resources to be able to treat people in this isolated environment.

Dr Anne Karzcub |  King Edward Memorial Hospital

At 38.5 weeks pregnant we were transferred to King Edwards due our baby being breech and us wanting to explore natural delivery. Anne took the time to explain the process and what options we had, she allowed us time to process the information at all times made us feel secure in whatever decision we felt we were going to make. She also followed up with us the next day and will continue to work with us through the remainder of our pregnancy. We really appreciate the care she has taken to make us feel empowered in our decision.

Judy Lyttle | Fresh Start

Judy is as a support worker who consistently provides care at an exceptional level. Her everyday actions ensure the best outcomes for clients that are in the process of addiction recovery. Judy establishes and maintains strong therapeutic relationship and ensures that she advocates for clients. The client is vulnerable when engaging with the organisation and Judy partners with them to give them a voice in their care and in their recovery

Dr Lisa Miller | WAEDOCS – Eating Disorders Clinic

Dr Miller works tirelessly with healthcare teams throughout the state, advocating for people with Eating Disorders that have traditionally been denied care. Lisa upskills health professionals in best practice treatment approaches for incredibly complex patients that she sees individuals above and beyond their diagnosis and is dedicated to ‘problem solving’ pathways of care for people that are very unwell and often ambivalent to treatment. I have only ever heard her speak about her patients with the utmost respect and concern

Lindsay Richmond | Cancer Co-ordinator | Cancer Clinic Regional, Geraldton

Described by her nominator as ‘her hero’ Lindsay was extremely helpful in explaining medical treatments in a compassionate and helpful manner.  She was able to assist ‘any time’ by phone and is now warmly extending the same help to another family member.

Dr Smita Samuelraj |  Kiara Family Practice

Dr Smita is there for you when you need her if she knows you are unwell.  She will always find a way to see patients, even during her lunch break. She has helped me live a more comfortable life with my chronic pain. She has also expertly handled our 11 year old autistic who is normally not responsive in such situations. She is an excellent doctor.

Melissa Vernon | WA Country Health Service

Melissa is an ardent and committed community focused value- based leader and advocate of consumer and carer rights.  Melissa has created a sustainable legacy for country communities from the variety of initiatives she has led for WACHS.  People’s lives have been saved and improved, and people who were without access to services now have that opportunity in their own community.