Health Professional Nominations

Ann Townley | Clinical Nurse at the Acquired Brain Injury Clinic at Perth Children’s Hospital

Ann is a Clinical Nurse at Perth Children’s Hospital, and formerly at Princess Margaret Hospital, who is caring, friendly, kind, and always puts others before herself. One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said Ann “is always willing to listen or explain things in layman’s terms so that we have a better understanding. Whenever we are unsure about things she finds the answers or helps to find the support we need. I feel like Ann has been our life line at times… Ann is like our lighthouse, a beacon of hope when the waves are tough. She is our super star.”

Joanna McIntosh | Team Leader of the Complex Care Coordination service at Armadale Health Service

Jo’s background is in physiotherapy and she has worked in several hospitals across Perth and England including Armadale Health Service, Fremantle Hospital, Rockingham General Hospital, Kettering General Hospital and Innsbrook Hospital. She is an advocate of patient-centred care who continually strives to improve care by strengthening the relationships, partnerships and collaborative care with other community-based services.

“I worked in the Armadale Health Service Emergency Department for 7 years and felt that I made a real difference to patients on their worst day. I could help improve their pain physically, support them emotionally and help them as they were either discharged home or admitted to hospital. Over the years, I realised I could make an even bigger difference to patients and followed my passion of improved communication, interaction and shared care planning with primary health services and GPs. Incorporating my values of kindness, compassion and fairness to everyone, in combination with my determination in the pursuit of excellent patient care, especially to those most vulnerable, has led me to a role I am incredibly passionate about.”

Charl Van Wyk | Co-morbidity Co-ordinator at Cyrenian House

Charl is the Co-morbidity Co-ordinator at Cyrenian House drug and alcohol agency. Since 2011 he has provided clinical support and been a vital referral and support liaison for participants at the jointly run Families 4 Families WA (F4FWA) group.

F4FWA is an education and support group for families and supporters of individuals who experience mental and emotional distress with co-occurring alcohol and drug use and who also may have criminal justice involvement.

Charl works outside of regular hours to offer this support and in the past 12 months has also begun to provide inreach alcohol and other drug support and counselling to Graylands Hospital.

Dr Adam Nuttall | AHG Super Clinic Midland

Dr Adam Nuttall is a knowledgeable, highly skilled and compassionate GP. One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “In 2014, Dr Nuttall saved the life of my daughter, by diagnosing her with a massive Rosette-forming glioneuroma tumour of the fourth ventricle, when no other health professional had the ability nor the knowledge to do so. We believe that Rebecca would not be alive today, if it weren’t for Dr Nuttall’s diagnosis, advice and follow up.”

Dr Andrew Leech | Queensgate Medical Centre

Dr Andrew Leech is passionate about family health and the integral role of a GP. He believes that GPs have a unique opportunity to see patients regularly, see their concerns from another perspective, and work through the impact those problems can have on each individual member of that family.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said Dr Leech was an amazing GP who has “time after time gone above and beyond the call of duty for our kids and family, showing such dedication to his job and patients”.

Carli Beange | Clinical Midwife – Armadale Kalamunda Group

Carli has been recognised by patients and their families on numerous occasions for her dedicated and professional ongoing care and commitment to her clients. She has been described as caring and supportive, specifically when things didn’t go as planned and patients became distressed and anxious.

Carli’s patients often describe her as amazing and awesome, saying she goes above and beyond in her role. They say they have great respect, appreciation and admiration for her and the significant role she has played in their lives. She has been able to help women feel comfortable and confident becoming first time mothers, being the perfect balance of assertive and helping to realise realistic expectations.

Dr Nathan Highton | Royal Perth Hospital – Emergency Department

Royal Perth Hospital Emergency Department’s Dr Nathan Highton is recognised for continuing to go above and beyond his call of duty, and making his patients and their family members or carers feel comfortable and well cared for during what can be a stressful and sometimes unsettling time.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said Dr Highton was a credit to the hospital. “The care, professionalism and communication skills he has are second to none.”

Elizabeth Reeves | Osborne Park Hospital

Elizabeth returned from maternity leave in January 2019 and took on board all changes and policies made during her year off into her stride. She sits on several hospital committees (Falls Committee and Social Club committee) which regularly hold community functions for education on footwear and podiatry care.

Recently she had to handle more than double the workload for a month while providing cover for colleague who was away on annual leave. “Despite being double booked and over capacity, Elizabeth demonstrated willingness to book in urgent patients for urgent needs, providing phone advice as well.”

Dr Nick Gottardo | Head of Department of Paediatric Oncology and Haematology at Perth Children’s Hospital

Dr Gottardo is driven by his belief that it’s unacceptable for children to die from brain tumours. His research interests include developing laboratory models of brain tumours, testing new therapies using these models and identifying areas of weaknesses in the tumours that might be suitable drug targets.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “Dr Gottardo has been a paediatric oncologist throughout my son’s 13 year cancer journey, he is loved by all the staff children and carers. He goes one step further continuously, he is always looking into research and ways to extend the lives of those going through treatment”.

Dr Judith Thompson | Bodylogic Physiotherapy

Judith is a Specialist Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2008) and is a lecturer on the post graduate Continence and Women’s Health physiotherapy course at Curtin University. Judith specialises in the treatment of bladder and bowel incontinence in men and women, bladder, uterine and bowel prolapse problems, as well as pre and post-natal disorders, and pelvic pain management.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “Judith goes above and beyond her job role to deliver exemplary care. She sacrifices personal time to fit me and others in need into her day. She is truly dedicated to her vocation.  She has seen me through a very challenging time in my life and been a pillar of strength and shining light in a time where other health professionals were not accessible”.

Dr Mark Daykin | Glen Forrest Medical Centre

Born and trained in England’s Midlands, Dr Daykin worked as a GP in Bristol and the Cotswolds before moving with his wife to the Western Australian Wheatbelt in 2009. Originally planning to work abroad for just two years, they fell in love with the Perth Hills and decided to move here for good.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “Dr Daykin provides ongoing, consistent, high level and outstanding care with a friendly disposition. Dr Daykin has a thorough knowledge with wide and varied experiences that he happily shares with his patients, he far exceeds expectations of what any patient could expect from a general practitioner”.

Paul Philpott | Bentley Community Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

Paul is a registered Senior Mental Health Nurse, originally from Victoria, with over 35 years’ experience in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. He has been instrumental in working with schools and students in the provision of mental health in-service, consultation-liaison. This has been in the form of formulating and implementing parenting and student training and therapeutic group work for youth at risk of self-injury and suicide. Paul is regularly involved in consumer focus groups to evaluate the parent and young person self-harm therapeutic group and psycho-education workshops utilising formal feedback questionnaires and clinical outcome measures.

“Paul’s enthusiasm, dedication and positive energy and family focused care is a testament to his drive to achieve better outcomes for this high-risk client group.”

Kelly Holmes | Cardiac Liaison Nurse at Perth Children’s Hospital

Kelly is the Cardiac Liaison Nurse for Perth Children’s Hospital. She always makes the effort to go above and beyond for patients, and is described as empathetic, caring, understanding and amazing at her job.

Kelly said “One of my most precious gifts in this role is to provide updates throughout the surgery itself, I become the family’s eyes and ears when they cannot be with their child during the most stressful time. I see this role as extremely important and provide honest updates throughout the surgery and do not hide any information from our families. It will be myself that will inform families that all is going well but equally if all is not going well. This is enabled by the trust that is built with the family in the lead up to the surgery and preparations”.

Di Barr | Executive Director at Armadale Kalamunda Group

Di Barr is the Executive Director of Armadale Kalamunda Group (AKG) where she is responsible for the delivery of a range of general hospital, mental health and community services.

Di has held a number of strategic and operational roles in WA Health, both in the public and private sector. Di is committed to supporting leadership growth and capacity within WA Health and is a Fellow with the Australasian College of Health Service Management. She has been commended for her impressive and empowering leadership, and her professional yet compelling and inspiring approach.

Erica Bosveid | Royal Perth Hospital Haematology & Oncology

Erica Bosveid is commended as being attentive and devoted in her role at Royal Perth Hospital.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “Erica’s commitment to her clients is second to none. My personal opinion of Erica is that she runs herself ragged for people such as I and others. She is also very committed to our Traditional and Urban Aboriginal people”.

Linda Kuuse | Senior Coordinator of the Stirling Community Care Day Clubs

Linda Kuuse is the Senior Coordinator of the Stirling Community Care Day Clubs in the City of Stirling. She is praised as an outstanding mentor and leader who works together with her staff, clients and carers to deliver optimal health outcomes for the clients she sees on a daily basis, and the wider community.

“She has worked tirelessly to implement a culture change within the environment which has provided some assurance of sustainability of the programs which were previously under threat. During unsettling times, she has been a pivotal support for staff and members, using effective performance management skills to not only retain existing staff members, but to further develop staff skills to provide an enhanced model of care.”

Trish Boomer | Bentley Health Service

Trish has been described as going above the call to ensure a date that is suitable for the consumer is found for both their preadmission appointment and Endoscopy procedure. Spending lengthy periods on the phone initially to patients and then taking or making multiple calls back from them to reschedule, Trish is constantly rewriting the booking diary knowing it provides the best service for our community. Trish believes finding a date that works for the patient ensures they have their vital procedure without delay whilst working in with peoples busy schedules. Trish interfaces with consumers in whatever medium they find easiest.

Michele Young | Geraldton Hospital – WA Country Health Service

Michele is passionate about patients and health service users receiving great care. “She makes you feel like you matter and what you say is important and I feel listened to. I am not the only one, our community is very lucky to have someone like Michele.”

“Michele is a great at communicating and through her work with Patient Opinion and other forums is keeping our community up to date on service improvements and what services are available to us which we would not have known about. Michele makes the community feel like they are being listened to, they are important and what they think matters.”

Louise Splatt | Senior Occupational Therapist at Bentley Health Service

Louise has been praised for her commitment, enthusiasm, compassion, quick thinking, and innovative approach to the care of younger adults in the area of mental health is exemplary. She has been heavily involved in developing the service and evolving models of care, specifically the therapeutic multidisciplinary group program and occupational therapy services within the East Metropolitan Youth Unit (EMyU).

“Louise continually looks at ways to engage youth and families in an enabling framework and encourages and inspires her colleagues to do the same daily, including adjusting her working schedule to work weekends in order to assist with engagement with families. She is valued highly by other team members for her clinical expertise, skills, knowledge, creativity and ability to facilitate positive outcomes for individuals within EMyU.”

Nicole Pates | Director – Paediatric physiotherapist

In 2017 Nicole Pates developed a partnership with the WA Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation (WAOA) to run hydrotherapy groups for children and teens with rheumatological conditions. These groups are continuing to run successfully to the present day, and she have trained two other physiotherapists to ensure that this group continues.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “Nicole has developed a wonderful multidisciplinary service for children with pain, arthritis, and mobility issues. As a parent this is amazing to have so many diverse health professionals in one place for kids”.

Teresa Togno | Mental Health Recovery Worker at Chorus

Chorus is an organisation that offers support, mentoring, and a future for people with mental health illnesses. Teresa has been praised for going out of her way to make sure clients feel listened to, feel supported and feel safe.

“She makes sure contact details of organisations are given to clients in case they need support after hours, she attends as an advocate where needed. She turns up early for work if a client has been unwell and may need extra support or some inspirational words to get through till psychs/specialists open at 9am. Many clients see her as their first call of direction/support and she always has good things to say, very pleasant happy personality.”

Michelle Baines | Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Kalamunda Palliative Care Unit

Michelle has been praised for consistently showing high standards of quality and compassionate care to patients and their families. She has previously done some amazing work in the Armadale Rehabilitation and Aged Care Ward in facilitating a number of initiatives to prevent patient falls and providing education to staff.

“Michelle has recently undertaken the Clinical Nurse Specialist role up at the Kalamunda Palliative Care Unit where her professional, compassionate and caring efforts have been recognised by both consumers and staff of the community hospital. Michelle has taken her new role in her stride and identified a number of initiatives to improve the overall patient and family experience across the Palliative Care Unit. This includes communication workshops for all staff to attend covering subjects like understanding triggers and escalation, and strategies to improve communication by really putting yourself in others shoes”.

Alison Maclean | Senior Social Worker at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Since joining the SCGH Social Work Department in 2014, Alison has focused on maximising healthcare outcomes for patients and their carers through careful, respectful and comprehensive assessments of their support needs, lifestyles and individual goals. The quality of her intervention on behalf of patients and carers has been recognised by Carer’s WA in her receipt of the ‘Outstanding Support of Carers’ award in 2016 and 2017.

“In her daily work, Alison rapidly develops constructive relationships with patients and carers through skilled listening and assessment and her clear, dependable and persistent advocacy and feedback to them. Alison is committed to improving the patient experience, which has been acknowledged by Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in awarding her ‘Dedicated Staff Member’ in 2018.”