Let’s Talk Culture Seminars 2017-2018

This series is no longer running.

What was “Let’s Talk Culture”?

The “Let’s Talk Culture” seminars played an integral role in educating service providers about working cross culturally, specifically in mental health. Mental health is perceived quite differently from one culture to another. For services to deliver effective treatment there are essential aspects which need to be understood.

Let’s Talk Culture Seminars aimed to assist mental health professionals to work in a culturally responsive way with clients from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Commenced in 2009, these seminars, held three times a year, were jointly organised by the WA Mental Health Commission, the Transcultural Mental Health Service at Royal Perth Hospital, and the Cultural Diversity Unit of the Chronic Disease Prevention Directorate at the Department of Health.

The series developed a level of unprecedented popularity and following across Western Australia’s service providers, policy makers, researchers, consumers and carers who have a stake and/or interest in trans-cultural mental health issues. All seminars were typically booked out to full seating capacity (~ 240). Topics that were covered included Spirituality, Culture and Mental health, and Men’s Health. The Let’s Talk Culture series ended in 2017 with funding cuts.

Let’s Talk Culture Seminar Series Reports

  1.  ‘What are the needs of young people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds and which services fulfill those needs?’ – 22/6/2017 at Richmond Fellowship, Cannington. See the Report here
  2. ‘What are the effects of homelessness and lack of psychosocial support on individuals from CaLD backgrounds who have a mental health condition?’ – 26/10/2017 at Herb Graham Recreation Centre, Mirrabooka. See the Report here
  3. ‘Is drug and alcohol use in CaLD populations unique when compared to others?’ -20/3/2018 at Perth Hospitality Academy Function Centre, Moore Street, East Perth.

Majok Wutchok – Founder of South Sudan Public Health Forum Inc. and Beth Franca – Cross Cultural Clinician for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)