Privacy and responsible data sharing in the WA public sector – closing 1 November

WA is one of only two states in Australia not to have legislation covering the issues of privacy and data sharing in the public sector. To address that, the state Government is planning to introduce legislation covering data sharing and privacy in the public sector.

You can have your say on this important topic:

– A (free) public information session on 4 September at 5.30pm…
– A free consultation session on 2 October at the Rise in Maylands (run by HCC) – register your interest by email
– an online survey – complete this by Friday 1 November…/privacy-and-responsible-information…

The HCC team were at a roundtable table discussion on these issues on 27 August hosted by the Consumer and Community Health Research Network team of the WA Health Translation Network.

Some themes emerged from the discussion including:

– recognition of the value of legislation that would enable the community to benefit from appropriate data sharing
– interest in an independent body, with community involvement, to oversee the legislation and how it’s implemented – including what happens with any data breaches
– public reporting on how the legislation is being implemented, including what, if any, breaches have occurred
– clear information about what consequences there are for individuals and organisations that breach the law
– recognition that not all data is the same – and that different circumstances may require different approaches