Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Group

In 2017 the WA Primary Health Alliance funded the ongoing work of the Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Group (AODAG), a transitional group to oversee a new project entitled “Improving Consumer Involvement in the Alcohol and Other Drug Sector”. The focus is to:

  1. support the incorporation of a separate incorporated entity for AOD consumers
  2. work collaboratively to develop training to support consumers to be involved at all levels of the system.

A key vision of the AOD AG has always been to ensure the voice of the AOD consumer is heard at state and federal policy level, as well as at the service provision level. We held an AOD Consumer Peak Think Tank on 20 February to seek feedback on what we’ve done so far, whether people wanted an AOD Consumer Peak, what training they would like to see to support their role as consumer representatives and how they wanted to be involved in the next steps. Consumers included current users, service users, potential service users, family members and supporters. Background information about the forum can be found here and the project report is available here.

Between March and June we have consulted with attendees of the forum and others about the nuts and bolts of becoming incorporated. The application was lodged on 22nd June 2018, and we should hear by around 22 July 2018. The organisation’s name is the Alcohol and Other Drug Consumer and Community Coalition, (AODCCC). We will update this page as soon as we have confirmation and can begin accepting membership applications!! If you have any inquiries about this project, please see the Terms of Reference here, and don’t hesitate to contact us on

Previous Work:

In 2015, the Health Consumers’ Council was funded to co-ordinate a project to build on the recommendations from the November 2014 Forum, Improving Consumer Involvement in the Alcohol and Other Drug Sector.   An Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Group (AOD AG) was set up to oversee progress. Membership of the AOD AG was government, not for profit organisations and consumers. The quorum noted that 50% of consumer members needed to be in attendance for the meeting to progress in recognition of their membership as vital to the legitimacy of the work. The project was undertaken by a consumer consultant and overseen by the AOD AG  to specifically address two of the  Recommendations, listed below.  You can read the full document here.

  1. to develop a common set of principles for engagement
  2. outline best practice engagement strategies for the sector