Consumer, carer, family and community representative network

Health Consumers’ Council organise a number of networking events and workshops for people who are involved in the health system as a consumer, carer, family or community representative. We also host a Facebook group for representatives, as well as sending tailored emails and information.

Networking events

These sessions happen 3-4 times a year. Based on feedback from people who have participated in these sessions in the past, the aims are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for consumer, carer, family or community reps and members to connect with other reps across the health system in WA
  • Hear updates on key issues in the health sector and from Health Consumers’ Council
  • Build capacity by including a facilitated learning opportunity

Upcoming events

Summer/Birak 2019

Join fellow consumer, carer, family and community change agents as we connect in the beautiful natural environment at Victoria Gardens. This is in response to the many people who shared how important nature is to them and their health.

Previous sessions

Spring/Djilba 2019 Wednesday 25 September

The topic for this session was: “Engaging your community as a consumer, carer, family or community representative”. Attendees had the chance to share what they currently do to engage and communicate with the broader community, as well as taking part in a creative idea generation process to identify other opportunities.

District Health Advisory Council Chairs – August 2019

HCC staff ran a workshop for District Health Advisory Council (DHAC) leaders on engaging their communities.

Winter/Makuru 2019 – Monday 1 July 2019

This session focused on the Sustainable Health Review, and in particular the recommendation relating to new models of community and citizen partnership.

Autumn/Djeran 2019 – Wednesday 20 March 2019

This event was held in conjunction with the Health Engagement Network

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Any questions?

If you’ve any questions about this network, contact Clare Mullen, Engagement Manager –