Consumer, carer, family and community representative network – previous events

Makuru/winter 2021

This session was an opportunity for people to connect and network with each other. Participants broke into four groups and discussed:

  • Sharing your lived experience story to affect system change
  • What is good quality engagement?
  • Measuring safety and quality in healthcare – including patient reported outcome measures, and patient reported experience measures
  • Consumer representation at an international level

Pip Brennan from HCC also gave an update on the Sustainable Health Review – click here to see those slides

Bunuru/autumn 2021

This session focused on digital rights and privacy consideration in relation to digital health.

Birak/summer 2020

This session focused on the Sustainable Health Review and in particular, recommendation 4. You can see the slides, and more information about HCC’s work on the Sustainable Health Review here

Djilba/spring 2020

The focus for this session was on consumer feedback and complaints. How to provide feedback and make complaints, and how this feedback is used by health services to improve services and outcomes. We were joined by Michael Greco from Care Opinion, and Carly Parry from Health Consumers’ Council’s Advocacy team.

Makuru/winter Tuesday 30 June 2020

In this session we heard from Ghislaine Martin from Consumers Health Forum Australia who gave an overview of the national consumer representative program.

Autumn/Bunuru Wednesday 18 March 2020

This session took place during Harmony Week. Participants shared the countries and cultures they feel connected with – this included Australia, Italy, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Sri Lanka, the US, Finland, New Zealand and China.

We were joined by Carolyn Ngan, who shared some of her experience of working with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Carolyn is an Occupational Therapist with wide and varied experience in the health system in Western Australia. She has worked in the regions and in the metro area in areas including mental health, disability services, Aboriginal health and primary care. She works as an Assessor for the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards for the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards where she has hands-on experience of going into health services around Australia and assessing them against the new national Standards. She also has experience of working in health services undergoing accreditation in WA.

Carolyn shared her passion about the role that consumers, carers, family and community members can play in ensuring health services and health care are safe and high quality.

In this session we explored some of the ways in which consumer, carer, family and community representatives can use the Standards to help continually improve WA health services. Notes from this session will be posted when they are available.

Summer/Birak Wednesday 4 December 2019

We gathered under the much appreciated shade of the old trees at Victoria Gardens in East Perth and reflected on the relationship between nature and health. People shared their wishes for consumer and community engagement in health for 2020 and had the opportunity to share and meet other people in consumer representative roles.

Some comments from the evaluation forms:

  • “Having the meeting outside in a beautiful shady spot amongst beautiful trees, feeling connected to community & nature at the same time….” [was most useful]
  • What will you do differently after this workshop?
    • “Suggest outdoor meetings where possible with work / clients”
    • “Utilise nature as a tool, it is such a leveller!”
    • “remember that venues don’t always have to be rooms”

Spring/Djilba 2019 Wednesday 25 September

The topic for this session was: “Engaging your community as a consumer, carer, family or community representative”. Attendees had the chance to share what they currently do to engage and communicate with the broader community, as well as taking part in a creative idea generation process to identify other opportunities.

District Health Advisory Council Chairs – August 2019

HCC staff ran a workshop for District Health Advisory Council (DHAC) leaders on engaging their communities.

Winter/Makuru 2019 – Monday 1 July 2019

This session focused on the Sustainable Health Review, and in particular the recommendation relating to new models of community and citizen partnership.

Autumn/Djeran 2019 – Wednesday 20 March 2019

This event was held in conjunction with the Health Engagement Network