Giving Feedback

Care Opinion

In 2020 the Patient Opinion platform, an independent, moderated place for people to provide feedback, was renamed to Care Opinion. This platform is now one portal for people to provide feedback on health and social services. It mirrors the same platform available in the UK, which uses the power of story to transform health and human services.

A non-profit organisation moderates the platform, and services subscribe to be able to receive notifications, reports etc. WA is the first state to have every public hospital as a subscriber. You can find out more or post a story here.

Complaint Policy Review

The Department of Health (DoH) have consulted on a revised version of the WA Complaints Management Policy. They prepared a number of documents as part of their review. While some of the documents are long, and seem to be written for a staff audience, at HCC we believe this consultation is an important opportunity to provide feedback to the Department and the system about the experience of consumers, carers and their families when making a complaint about health services. We undertook a survey and have collated this feedback.