My Health Record

To Opt Out or Not to Opt Out? Decide by 15 November…

How can I find out more?

Visit the WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA)’s My Health Record Stall at the Perth Royal Show this week. See this link for other WAPHA information stalls next week.

Consumers Health Forum Webinar series

Consumers Health Forum have developed a series of webinars on My Health Record. You can register to attend these free sessions here. We are providing summaries of the videos for your easy reference:

  1. Webinar 1 – Privacy and Security key takeaways

Senate Inquiry

Amid growing concern regarding the roll-out of my health record and the supporting legislation there was at first an extension to the opt-out period, and now a Senate Inquiry has been announced.

  • the expected benefits of the My Health Record system;
  • the decision to shift from opt-in to opt-out;
  • privacy and security, including concerns regarding:
    • the vulnerability of the system to unauthorised access,
    • the arrangements for third party access by law enforcement, government agencies, researchers and commercial interests, and
    • arrangements to exclude third party access arrangements to include any other party, including health or life insurers;
  • the Government’s administration of the My Health Record system roll-out, including:
    • the public information campaign, and
    • the prevalence of ‘informed consent’ amongst users
  • measures that are necessary to address community privacy concerns in the My Health Record system;
  • how My Health Record compares to alternative systems of digitising health records internationally; and
  • any other matters.

The reporting date is 8 October 2018. The opt-out date has been extended to 15th November.

What are some of the concerns Australian consumers and health care providers have raised?

When the opt-out period commenced in mid-July just a few weeks ago, over 20,000 Australians attempted to opt out in the first week. The reflects consumer concerns regarding consumer privacy and access to the digital health records.

  • There have also been a significant number of issues raised in relation to young people’s My Health Record being accessed by parents or guardians where that would jeopardise the health and safety of the young person.
  • In addition, concerns about mental health, drug and alcohol, blood borne viruses etc. have raised concerns for consumers about who would see their health information and how it would impact their care. Consumers of Mental Health WA have spearheaded a consumer campaign on the issue. See their web page here.
  • In the second week of August the Federal Government has announced key changes to the policy including the option to opt-out after the official period has ended as well as the option to have records permanently deleted.
  • The legal framework will also be altered to ensure that patient data cannot be shared with police and other agencies

Please email us if you have any concerns regarding the My Health Record and we will ensure you are given access to the information you need.