Advanced Consumer Representation







This workshop takes your consumer representation skills to the next level. Keeping your skills honed and your knowledge current plays a key role of being an effective consumer representative.

On completion of this interactive workshop you will have an increased understanding of the current international, national and local safety and quality focus in health care and how to integrate these concepts into effective representation.

Who is this workshop for?

  • People wanting to develop their skills as a consumer representative
  • People currently placed as a consumer representative on a committee, working group or Board


Topics covered include:

• Updates on Key Health and Other Policies (Including the Sustainable Health Review)
• Managing Communication Outcomes
• Consumer Representation in Context (Understanding the Health System)
• A Focus on Standard 2
• IAP2 Levels of Engagement
• Gaining Consumer Input
• The Consumer Lens
• Mastering Meetings
• The Influence Equation
• Self-Care

Workshop duration

4 hours, 10am-2pm

Workshop Location

Health Consumers’ Council, Unit 6 Wellington Fair, 40 Lord Street, East Perth

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