6. Advocacy Information & Resources

This page provides key resources and links to websites to help you navigate your way around the health system.

Charter of Healthcare Rights  

Mental Health Rights

  • A guide to your mental health rights as an involuntary health patient and your rights as a patient of a psychiatrist.  

Mental Health Act Consumer Handbook

Guardianship and Administration  

Goals of Patient Care

  • Goals of Patient Care is a clinical care planning process used during an admission to hospital or other care facility.
  • It helps to determine which treatments would be useful for you, if there was deterioration in your condition.
  • You can watch a video on Goals of Patient Care for consumers or visit this website for more information.

Questions to ask your doctor 

Procedure Information Sheets 

Written information about treatments and procedures  

Understand your pathology tests 

Information about pathology to help you manage your health.

Going to Hospital 

Manage My Care

Manage My Care gives you access to outpatient appointment and referral information. 

You can:

  • Easily see your outpatient appointments and referrals 24/7
  • Update contact details for patients over 16 years old (e.g. address and phone numbers)
  • Request to reschedule, confirm or cancel upcoming outpatient appointments for select specialties
  • Access information about your appointment and hospital visit.

The app is available on Apple and Android.

Private Health