Current Vacancies

Expressions of interest (ongoing)

Project coordinator, project officer, project manager – pool

HCC is regularly contracted by external organisations to undertake work on a fee for service basis. We welcome applications to be considered in a recruitment pool for project coordinators, project officers and project managers to join the Engagement Team. Our aim is to have a pool of qualified and interested candidates who can take up casual, short-term, project roles as these positions become available.

Appointment to this pool is no guarantee of appointment to a specific role. Decisions on specific roles will be made based on the requirements of the project.

To apply for these positions, please submit a CV and a two page summary outlining how your skills and experience meet the essential and desirable criteria that are outlined in the position description. Be sure to specify which role you are applying for. Send these to Clare Mullen, Deputy Director (clare.mullen@hconc.org.au)


Consultants in project management, stakeholder engagement and training

HCC is seeking to develop a pool of consultants with whom we can work on a fee for service basis. We regularly undertake consultancy work for stakeholders across the health and social care system in WA. The main areas of consultancy work are:

  • stakeholder engagement and communications
  • project management
  • marketing and PR
  • delivery of training relevant to consumer and stakeholder engagement in health. Training courses include, but are not limited to:
    • Cultural diversity
    • Consumer representation in health
    • Health rights and responsibilities.

If you would like to be considered as part of this pool, please submit a capability statement or CV outlining your key areas of expertise as well as details of any relevant projects you have completed, including the outcomes that were delivered. Please also include an outline of costs as an indication. Send these to Clare Mullen, Deputy Director (clare.mullen@hconc.org.au)

Information that is submitted will be kept on file. Any work we undertake with you would be on the basis of a project estimate or quote and is subject to the availability of specific project funds.


Health Consumers’ Council is an equal opportunities employer. Applicants must have the right to work in Australia.