Pip Brennan – Executive Director

Pip Brennan has worked in the health sector for the last 19 years. Inspired by her own experiences of the opaque maternity care system, Pip started her consumer representative journey in the maternity sector, campaigning for clearer information for women to make informed choices in childbirth. She began her paid health career as an Advocate working at the Health Consumers’ Council from 2006. She moved to the Office of Health Review (now the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office) in 2007 and took up a position as a Conciliator of Health Complaints. From 2010 to 2013 Pip took on the role of managing Community Midwifery WA (now The Bump WA). In 2012 Community Midwifery WA moved to outcomes based contracting, which ultimately sparked an interest in Pip to be part of the bigger picture of supporting the introduction of outcomes based contracting in health. In November 2013 Pip took up a contractual position with the WA Council of Social Service to work on the Towards Better Health Outcomes Project to support contracting reform in the health sector. In 2015 Pip returned to HCC, this time as Executive Director. This role at HCC offered a wonderful homecoming for Pip in the organisation that provided her first professional opportunity in the health sector and a chance to utilise community service organisation management, outcomes based contracting, advocacy and consumer representation skills to continue the work of this unique and important organisation.

Clare Mullen – Deputy Director

Clare joined HCC in September 2018. Her background is in change management and communications in the health and social care sector in the UK and Australia. At the WA Department of Health she worked with Health Networks, Activity Based Funding and Management and in the safety and quality team. At the WA Primary Health Alliance she was the Operations Manager for Perth North Primary Health Network. In the UK, she worked on a national frontline leadership program in the National Health Service which brought frontline staff and consumers together to work on improving health services in their local area.

She is passionate about creating opportunities for people who use the health system and people who work in the health system to work together to improve health outcomes. She is trained in change management, project management, facilitation and Gestalt therapy.

Carly Parry – Advocacy Manager

Carly joined HCC in December 2013 after moving to Perth from the UK. There she had worked within a busy advocacy support service for women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence. She has a broad knowledge of the dynamics of domestic violence and has vast experience in case management. Carly supported clients from the point of crisis, developing short and long term safety plans. She worked closely with the police and criminal courts in a bid to make perpetrators accountable for their actions and to reduce further victimisation for women and their children.

Carly’s qualifications include a BA in sociology. She saw the role as Advocate at HCC as a fresh challenge to develop her knowledge in the area of health, whilst utilising her existing skills in advocacy. In 2017 Carly was promoted to Senior Advocate and in 2018 became the Advocacy Manager. Carly feels strongly that consumers should have a voice on all matters relating to their health and is dedicated to assisting many in doing so. Whilst not at work Carly enjoys time with her beloved family, although a great deal of her family ‘catch ups’ are via Skype. She visits the beach at least three times a week which is in sharp contrast to her twice yearly visits in the UK.

Corporate Services Manager

We are currently recruiting for this role. You  can click here to find out more.

Chrissy Ryan – Advocate

Chrissy is a naturopath and ran a successful natural therapies clinic called Head for Health Natural Therapies for 7 years. This involved working with people to develop healthy lifestyle changes to increase their wellbeing. She did her general nursing training and worked with intellectually disadvantaged people as a social trainer. From 2005-2011 Chrissy was advocating for and educating people with hepatitis C and/or drug problems. She is passionate about people being the master and driver of their own health. How we utilise the healthcare system will make our health journey simple or difficult. At the end of the day, it always come down to the individual and not the healthcare professional as to the quality of your health and life.

Chrissy tries to keep healthy, by eating simple unprocessed foods and keeping active. She often rides her bike to work. It helps her build stamina to keep up with her young granddaughters, whom she loves to spend time with.

Bronte Duncan – Advocate

Bronte first joined the HCC team as a student in 2016 to complete her practical placement for Bachelor of Social Science/ Social Work. Once graduated, Bronte was offered the opportunity to stay on as a full-time employee of the Advocacy team and she has never looked back.

Bronte has a strong interest in justice and equity and how this translates in our health system. Of particular interest is women’s health and how this may be impacted by different social, cultural and economic factors. Bronte is now studying for her Master of Social Work and is looking forward to bringing the knowledge gained to her Advocacy role.

Kerrie Mocevic – Advocate

Kerrie joined HCC in August 2017 as an advocate. After working for 9 years for the Medical health industry as a Laboratory technician, she gained knowledge of the physical ailments that affect patients in the hospital system. Driven by a passion for helping others, a career change saw her achieve a degree in Social science, specialising in Counselling. Kerrie is dedicated to support people with their mental health and well-being and has a strong desire to help vulnerable people in the community. Currently working as a Counsellor for children and young adults, she collaborates with clients to achieve their goals whilst making duty of care a priority.

As a member of the advocacy team, Kerrie can use her knowledge of both the medical health industry, and her mental health profession to assist consumers to navigate the healthcare system. Kerrie is passionate about self-care for herself and others. She believes that keeping a healthy balance of eating well, exercise, enjoying the great outdoors and spending quality time with her family and friends is the foundation of her own well-being.

Samantha Smith – Advocate

Sam first came to HCC in February 2019 as a social work student on placement within the advocacy team, following her placement, Sam was offered a position within the advocacy team. Previous to Sam’s experience at HCC, she spent nine years working in the disability field as an education assistant and a community support worker. Through Sam’s experience, she recognises the importance of having the consumer at the heart of the situation, and brings with her a strong sense for social justice.

Brooke Pearce – Information and Advocacy Officer

Brooke joined HCC in 2020 as a Social Work student, and continued volunteering and working with HCC, until she was offered a permanent position as the Information Advocacy Officer. Prior to her work at HCC, Brooke worked in disability as a service provider, in education with children at risk and with learning disabilities, and as a youth worker/chaplain. Brooke is a young mum, and is very invested in person-centred, trauma-informed ways of working. She is driven to listen and learn from all people, treating everyone with respect and providing equitable, justice-driven care in whatever role she finds herself in. Brooke has a particular passion for working alongside people, meeting them where they are at and being led by them as experts of their own lives.

Dani Montague – Information and Advocacy Officer

Dani joined HCC in 2021 as Information and Advocacy Officer. Dani is an accredited social worker and has experience working in domestic and family violence, youth homelessness, mental health, and community sector policy and quality management. Dani is passionate about social justice and supporting efforts to ensure that people’s rights and dignity are upheld and respected.

Jenni Dlugi – Administration Coordinator

Jenni has worked in not for profit organisations since 2007, having worked at Legal Aid as a paralegal and Anglicare in an administrative capacity, and social advocacy work with a housing support focus.  She has a medico-legal background having worked in medical negligence for 6 years and enjoys utilising her experience in the medico-legal and not for profit sector to help consumers overcome the many obstacles that can occur when navigating our health care system.

Tania Harris – Aboriginal Engagement Coordinator

Tania is an Aboriginal woman from Queensland originally. Prior to coming to the Health Consumers’ Council Tania worked on various Aboriginal programs from ear health to parenting support. She has a special interest in the areas of disability and young people and how their engagement and empowerment in the health system can be supported and encouraged from an early age. Tania is hoping to complete her degree in Sociology and incorporate that learning into new ways to help individual consumers get great outcomes.

Nadeen Laljee-Curran – Cultural Diversity Engagement Coordinator

Nadeen initially came to HCC in 2017 as a Master of Public Health student volunteer and she has now returned as the Cultural Diversity Engagement Coordinator on the Engagement team. Her personal experience with her own health and the health system has made her passionate about patient centred healthcare, health literacy and patients understanding and managing (where possible) their own healthcare.  Nadeen had a corporate career before she decided to study public health and pursue her passion and what she considered to be a more meaningful career.

Nadeen migrated to Perth from the UK and her parents migrated to the UK from Africa but she is of Indian origin. As such she is acutely aware of some of the issues faced by migrants and she is dedicated to helping migrants to understand their rights and fully benefit from health services. She is excited by Australia’s growing multiculturalism and is enthusiastic about the ability to make Australia home and integrate in society whilst maintaining cultural identity.

Rachel Seeley – Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Rachel’s background is in both corporate and creative writing, and she has more than 10 years’ experience in media – ranging from journalism and copywriting, to marketing, editing and social media management. Rachel’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Arts (First Class Honours), and a Certificate IV Business – Social Media Mastery. She is always looking for ways to further develop her skills, and has completed several copywriting and creative writing courses in recent years. Rachel is excited to have the opportunity to promote person-centred healthcare and believes that sharing stories is one of the most powerful ways to encourage change.