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Global Patient Experience Week 2021: Monday 26 April – Friday 30 April

Kindness, connection, community – see the whole person 0r Djinang Kwop Wirrin (Noongar)

We’re continuing the theme from previous years because it encapsulates what consumers talk about when they talk about what makes a positive experience for them as they access health services. Djinang Kwop Wirrin is a Noongar interpretation of the theme – it means “see good spirit”. This translation came from Ralph Mogridge. Ralph is a Noongar man with ties to Bindjareb, Yued and Gnarla Karla Boordja areas of the South West of WA.

Celebrating people who create a kinder, safer healthcare system – HCC Excellence Awards Thursday 29th April 4.30-6.30

Patient Experience Week is an opportunity to celebrate the community advocates and healthcare staff who impact on the patient experience every day. As part of the 2021 celebrations, HCC will be announcing the winners of the Health Consumer Excellence Awards in these categories:

  • Health Consumer Award
  • Compassionate Care Award
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award
  • Care Opinion Award

Find out more here:  If you would like to attend the Excellence Awards, please click here to book, but be aware that tickets are limited.

Care Opinion Virtual Conference – Wednesday 28th April 1-3pm AWST

Care Opinion is an independent, moderated platform which transparently reports on people’s feedback in hospitals and health services. WA is the first state to have every public hospital as a subscriber on the platform, which means they read and respond to people’s stories. For Patient Experience Week 2021, Care Opinion is convening a virtual conference. The theme of the conference is ‘The purpose of patient feedback: how does public online feedback address the missing link?’ This virtual event will share key insights, research, case studies and learnings from across the UK and Australia to help attendees better understand the value of patient feedback and the important role public online feedback plays across Australia’s healthcare system. A must-attend 2021 event for those in the healthcare sector, particularly CEOs, Patient Experience and Quality Managers, key industry stakeholders and consumer groups.

Click here to book your spot on the Care Opinion Virtual Conference

Your Say – Practical examples of you have experience kindness, connection and community – and being seen as a whole person in a health service

We’re asking people’s feedback via this short survey asking about what practical things help to make “kindness, connection, community – see the whole person” a reality in health? Do you have any examples you can share from your own experience?

Share your practical examples here…
We will also be capturing people’s comments on this at our Health Consumer Excellence Awards. We plan to share the feedback we gather through this survey with staff in health services to help raise awareness of what they can do improve the patient experience.If you’d prefer to share your feedback another way – by email – or by video – we’d love to hear from you. You can send those to

Patient Experience Week Postcards

Health Consumers’ Council has created the Patient Experience Week postcard to enable consumers, carers and family members to acknowledge staff who have had a positive impact on their experience – click here to read more and download a version of the postcard that you can edit and send to health services where you’ve had a positive experience.

Patient Experience Week 2019

Patient Experience Week 2019 was the first time we used the theme: “Kindness, connection, community: see the whole person” or as said in Noongar “Djinang Kwop Wirrin” (See Good Spirit). That year we focused on the Aboriginal Patient Experience of the WA Health system.

We held an event outdoors at Pelican Point in Crawley. The purpose of this event was to create an opportunity for Aboriginal health consumers and carers to share their stories and experiences in a collaborative setting, alongside staff from across the health system, to drive systemic change.  With a focus on Aboriginal culture and traditional healing methods, we aimed to raise awareness of the elements that contribute to a positive experience of health and healthcare for Aboriginal people. See the full report here.

See what our panelists had to say:

See what community members said about what makes a good patient experience:


Patient Experience Week (PXW) is a global movement which began in the US with the Beryl Institute, it provides a focused time to celebrate accomplishments, re-energise efforts and honour the people who positively impact the patient experience every day.  The Health Consumers’ Council of WA has been convening Patient Experience Week events since 2016.  In 2017 we were lucky enough to have the founder of the Beryl Institute, Jason Wolf travel all the way to WA to be our keynote speaker.

Elsewhere in Australia and internationally, events are led by health service provider organisations. Health Consumers’ Council of WA (HCC) believes it is critical that consumers and community members play an active role in highlighting the importance of a positive experience of the health system.

Celebrating people who create a kinder, safer healthcare system

Patient Experience Week is also an opportunity to celebrate healthcare staff who impact on the patient experience every day. To support that, Health Consumers’ Council has created the Patient Experience Week postcard to enable consumers, carers and family members to acknowledge staff who have had a positive impact on their experience – read more here.

We are passionate about partnering with health services to create positive change. We know that the only way forward to achieve the health system we all want, is to work together. Therefore, each Patient Experience Week we announce the winners of our Health Consumer Excellence Awards.


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