Vision, Purpose and Values


Equitable, person-centred, quality healthcare for all West Australians.


To increase the capacity of all people to influence the future direction of  health care and to make informed choices.


Respect: valuing diversity and seeking everyone’s contribution.
Respect is the foundation we build our relationships on.
Kindness: considering other people’s world views, experiences and emotions.
Kindness and listening to validate can have far-reaching positive effects
Equity: advocating for the whole community
We challenge ourselves to look beyond stereotypes and meet people where they are
Working together: collaborating to achieve positive outcomes
We can go further and faster in partnership
Integrity: aligning actions with our values and measuring outcomes to continuously improve
We reflect on what we do and why we do it. We transparently report on our outcomes.
Empowerment: sharing knowledge and resources to support informed choice and positive change
We believe in informed choices and the importance of lived experience to drive positive change




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