CaLD Community Information, Resources and Events

The HCC CaLD team endeavours to support culturally and linguistically diverse community in WA, including migrants and refugees, to get the most out of healthcare. In order to do this HCC creates and/or promotes a range of resources about the WA Health System, helps interested parties stay abreast of opportunities and ways to support communities to get involved in and/or have their say on healthcare, and with free workshops and community discussions.

Information about the WA Health System

CaLD Community Panel

CaLD Community Workshops and Events

These sessions are for people in Perth (and surrounding areas) who identify as being from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse background. They aim to educate and inform on the health system and getting the best out of it. They also hope to spark conversations about healthcare delivered well and not so well in order to assist with service improvements.

Community Conversations

Rights and Responsibilities in Healthcare and Going to Hospital information session