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The November 2019 edition of Health Matters takes a look at engagement.

The Sustainable Health Review’s Recommendation Four heralded the opportunity for “new ways of engaging” and we are keenly awaiting the chance to be part of implementation innovation in engagement. We saw this edition of Health Matters as an opportunity to reflect on current models that are working well and set out our stall for what’s important, such as really doing co-design in services, rather than undertaking consulting and dressing it up as co-design. We acknowledge that engagement is a complex, iterative process, and that’s why we wanted to highlight some of the engagement efforts that are achieving great things.

We envision a “positive, effective community movement in health”, we want people who are interested in becoming part of creating a better health system to think like a “critical friend” – someone who provides important feedback on being a health consumer, but also someone who gives constructive feedback and builds a positive conversation. Someone who can tell their own story effectively, but also move beyond their story to speak up for the people who may not be at the table. This edition includes lots of resources for anyone interested in becoming a consumer, carer or community representative, and I hope it inspires you to become more actively involved in the health system.

– Pip Brennan, Executive Director, Health Consumers’ Council

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