For Service Providers

HCC provides a range of support services for health providers who are seeking to increase consumer engagement in health service policy, planning and review.

Consulting and Advice – click here

Finding a Consumer Representative

If you are looking for consumers for your committees or projects, we may be able to assist you. We will just need some more details to see if we can help you find a suitable candidate.

Click here for some things to consider when involving and partnering with consumers on working groups or committees.

Training for Consumer Advisory Committees

See here for our free training for health consumers who are interested in becoming a Consumer Representative. Also we provide tailored training sessions on a fee for service basis for your own CACs.

Cultural Diversity

We offer a range of free and fee for service workshops to assist health workers gain knowledge and skills to more effectively with people from culturally and linguistically diverse and new and emerging communities. Click here to find out more.

For further information

Please contact the Health Consumers Council Community and Consumer Engagement team on 9221 3422 or email: