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Early Childhood Dental Program Consumer Working Group

The Early Childhood Dental Program (ECDP), will provide free, child-friendly, community-based oral health education and dental care for WA children under 5 years of age. To ensure that the voices of families and communities guide how the ECDP will operate, a consumer working group is being established.  The Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) is looking for up to 10 consumers (parents/carers who have lived experience of childhood dental services) or who are keen to share their knowledge and experiences with us in the development of the project.

What experience, skills and interests is CAHS looking for?  You should:

  • have a desire to make a difference to the way services are provided to children and families.
  • be enthusiastic, collaborative and forward-thinking about solutions to problems.
  • be able give feedback with personal experiences on issues including service design and delivery.
  • be confident to speak up to share thoughts, ideas and recommend opportunities to improve how consumers could access the ECDP.
  • preferably have experience in accessing (or trying to access) public or private dental services for young children in WA.

CAHS particularly welcomes applications from people who can provide diverse perspectives of accessing services, e.g. people from a different cultural and linguistically diverse backgroundsor a rural or regional communities..

You won’t have to attend meetings in person, CAHS will provide a link for you to attend meetings via Microsoft Teams.

What is the time commitment?

Meetings will be held monthly, and a schedule of meetings will be agreed in advance. Meetings shall not exceed one (1) hour unless for a specific purpose and with approval from the Chairperson.

The Chairperson may call additional meetings or raise items out of session as necessary to address any matters referred to the PCG, or in respect of matters the PCG wishes to pursue within its Terms of Reference.

You will also be required to attend a paid induction workshop of 2 hours either face to face or online.

How will CAHS support you?

You will be offered $35 per hour for your time of meeting and to cover out of pocket expenses plus 30 mins prereading time for each meeting.

How do you apply?

Complete this application form prior to 25 August.  Your application will then be reviewed by a panel which is made up of staff.

If you are shortlisted, an interview will be required after which you will be advised if your application was successful. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the interview process. If you have any further questions about the working group please email

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