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Consumer representative opportunity – St John Ambulance – Clinical Review Team, closing date 5 May

St John Ambulance (SJA) is commencing a review into the priority assigned to their dispatch codes (ProQA) to validate the clinical urgency of their Priority 1 (P1) responses. They are seeking a lay person to participate in the Clinical Review Team.

Information about the project

This will be an evidence based review, and be based on a process similar to those used by Ambulance Victoria for their recent review. By reviewing the response level it is expected that the number of dual and P1 responses will be reduced, allowing shorter response times to those cases that are time critical, resulting in better clinical outcomes for our patients. (A dual response is one where multiple vehicles are dispatched.)

The Clinical Review Team is expected to consist of SJA clinical representatives, with independent members from the Prehospital, Resuscitation and Emergency Care Research Unit (PRECRU – a university researcher), a clinical representative from another area, and a Consumer (lay person) representative (this role).

The commitment

SJA are seeking a consumer representative to attend and participate in Clinical Review Team meetings from May – December 2019 (approximately 10  meetings). Each meeting will take 2-3 hours.

Meetings will take place in Belmont at SJA offices.

Support and resources available to the consumer representative

Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed on the production of a receipt. A full introduction into the workings of the State Operations Centre and the Ambulance services will be given. The functions of the relevant systems will be explained in the meetings as not all SJA staff will be familiar with their use.

Skills and experience sought

  • Ability to understand triage principals, and the urgency of treatments.
  • Ability to discuss patient experience with a wide range of professionals, individually and in small groups.
  • A willingness to learn about, and influence, ambulance dispatch and response.

To express interest

Contact Cameron Dawson, Project Manager by 6pm on Sunday 5th May. Provide details of your interest, skills and experience in this area.


Tel: 08 9334 1219