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South Metropolitan Health Service – Consumer Advisory Council – New Member Opportunities

Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) is committed to partnering with consumers to ensure a patient-centred approach to service planning, delivery and evaluation. RkPG Consumer Advisory Council are looking for new members.

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) establishes a formal partnership between consumer, carer and community representatives and RkPG. The CAC members provide support and advice to RkPG in order to improve the hospital experience for patients, families and other consumers.

What does the CAC do?

  • Advises on the planning, development and delivery of health services.
  • Provides valuable feedback on the needs of consumers, carers and the community.
  • Promotes consumer, carer and community participation.
  • Facilitates communication and cooperation between Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group, local service providers and the community.
  • Advocates for consumers, carers and the community.


  • The CAC meets monthly at Rockingham General Hospital.

Anyone can apply to become a CAC member, or register for other opportunities for consumer and carer involvement. If you would like to raise an issue or
suggestion with the CAC, or apply to be a member, please contact the Rockingham Peel Group directly.

Rockingham Peel Group Education,
Safety, Quality and Risk Department
Phone: 9599 4322

Health consumer sought to present on “Treatment overload: lifting the burden of too much healthcare”: diagnosed with high PSA or breast cancer

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability is seeking a health consumer to present at their November event – A simulation of the Australian health system – Treatment overload: Lifting the burden of too much healthcare

The NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability is hosting a unique event to talk about the complex issues affecting the sustainability of our health system. One of the current problems is healthcare waste. Approximately 30% of care is of little or no value to the patient and may in fact be harmful. The NHMRC Partnership Centre are seeking a person who would be willing to share their experience of being diagnosed with a high PSA (indicative of prostate cancer) or breast cancer. The successful applicant would deliver a 15-minute talk sharing the following:

  • how their diagnosis affected them and/or their family emotionally and financially
  • what course(s) of treatment(s) were offered
  • any discussion they may have had around the possibility of not treating the disease
  • what the person ultimately decided to do

A hundred people are expected to attend this event.  Attendees will represent all sectors of the healthcare system, including policy makers, researchers, health professionals, the media and consumers.

The work will consist of a writing a 10-15 speech and presenting it on Wednesday 13 November 2019 during the event, which will be held:

  • 2:30pm – 6 pm followed by a cocktail reception, Sydney Harbour Marriott, 30 Pitt Street Sydney NSW

Please note that the NHMRC Partnership Centre will cover all travel expenses and waive the registration fee for the successful consumer representative.

The NHMRC Partnership Centre welcomes expressions of interest by close of business Monday 30 September 2019.  To apply, please email the following to Research Officer at the NHMRC Partnership Centre, Dr K-lynn Smith at :
• a letter verifying experience
• A CV in pdf format

Please contact K-lynn Smith at the NHMRC Partnership Centre on 02 9850 2243 should you have any queries.

Expressions of interest close COB on Monday 30 September 2019

WA Sexual Health and Blood-borne Viruses Advisory Committee

  • Three consumer representative positions are now being recruited. The Department of Health is working closely with Health Consumers’ Council in the recruitment and support of consumer representatives.
  • WA SHaBBVAC provides a forum for a multi-agency and community partnership in the prevention and control of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in WA.

The WA SHaBBVAC assists the WA Department of Health’s (WA DoH) Chief Health Officer (CHO) under the Public Health Act 2016. It includes members from non-government organisations, health service providers, researchers, policy-makers and representatives from affected communities.

Consumer representatives are currently being recruited.

People with lived experience of HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in WA who are interested in advocating for and contributing to a coordinated public health response to these infections are encouraged to apply.

Learn more about the role and how to apply.

The key roles of the WA SHaBBVAC are to:

  • develop and maintain partnerships amongst health service providers, researchers and non-government organisations working to prevent and manage HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs in WA
  • discuss and develop innovative approaches to prevent and control HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs in WA
  • provide input into the WA DoH’s state health plan and policies for HIV, viral hepatitis, and STIs, taking into account matters such as prevention, education, treatment, care, surveillance, research, legal and policy issues, and evaluation
  • advocate for people living with or at-risk of HIV, viral hepatitis or STIs.

WA SHaBBVAC meets three times a year for a two-hour meeting.

Remuneration for consumer representatives participation on the committee is provided.

More information

Contact the WA SHaBBVAC Secretariat on 9222 2326 or email with any queries.

Reproductive Technology Council – EOI by Friday 20 September

The Minister for Health has approached the Health Consumers Council for two nominations for the Reproductive Technology Council (RTC) Member, and one for the RTC Deputy member position.

The Review of the Human Reproductive Act 1991 undertaken by Sonia Allen (published January 2019 and available on the WA Health website here) has recommended a new advisory body be established which includes the current membership of the Reproductive Technology Council but also a donor of gametes/ embryos, a recipient of assisted reproductive technology and a person born as a result of donor-conception.

We are therefore seeking consumer members who would like to be considered for the positions.

We would be grateful if you could complete the documentation in this form which meets the requirements of the application as provided by the Minister’s Office. If you have any questions contact and put Reproductive Technology Council in the subject.