Are you finding it difficult to navigate the health system?
Health Consumers’ Council (HCC) is your GPS for health!

The HCC Advocacy Service can help you navigate the health system and help you to understand and support your healthcare rights. The advocates can help you find and access health services and assist you in providing feedback about your health experience. This free service is available to anyone in WA.

The HCC Consumer and Community Engagement (CCE) Service can assist you to be a positive partner in healthcare reform. Healthcare services seek people who have lived experiences of particular health conditions to provide feedback on how to improve their services. The CCE team train, support and link you with healthcare services to be part of the health reform journey. The CCE team also provide workshops and information sessions to consumers and service providers.

The HCC office is open Monday to Friday. HCC are keenly aware of the difficulties facing people in remote locations and regions outside the metropolitan area and have a toll-free number 1800-620-780.