If you have recent experience of health care, either as a patient yourself or as a carer or friend of someone else, you are encouraged to share it.
Sharing your story can help make our health service better.

Who are we?

Health Consumers’ Council (WA) Inc (HCC) is an independent voice, advocating for patients in Western Australia. It offers a unique perspective on health policy and service delivery matters. The Council receives funding from State and Commonwealth agencies and comments publicly on all issues affecting health consumers.

HCC is keenly aware of the difficulties facing people in remote locations and regions outside the metropolitan area. Patients in country areas are encouraged to use our service. The toll-free number for country callers is 1800-620-780.

Patient Experience Week

The inaugural Health Consumers’ Council (HCC) Patient Experience Week Event Series will be held on April 28 and 29, the final two days of Patient Experience Week (April 25-29), 2016. To coincide with the global focus of Patient Experience Week, the Event Series is about ‘Connecting for the Patient Experience – We are ALL the patient experience’. HCC aligns with the growing evidence wishes of the patient and meaningfully connect with the patient, their family and carers, both the patient experience and the health care staff experience not only improves but can be an exceptional mutual experience.

Health consumers who sit on hospital and health care organisation boards and committees, as consumer advisors or consumer representatives, have an important patient experience role to play by assisting health care staff to understand the patient, family and carer perspective.



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