COVID-19 (2023/2024)


COVID-19 continues to be a health issue of concern to many health consumers. Below, we provide links to the Federal and State Government websites as these have the most up to date information. We also provide a link to OzSage, a network of Australian experts from a broad range of sectors relevant to the well-being of the Australian population.

We can all stay well by choosing to stay ahead of COVID-19. Choose to stay safe by:

  • wearing a mask in indoor settings
  • getting together in well-ventilated spaces
  • staying up to date with vaccinations

Advice on what to do if you have COVID-19, or are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19

Information and advice on COVID-19 for the community and businesses in WA

Information on testing, what to do if you have COVID-19, staying safe, and vaccinations

Translated information and advice on COVID-19 for the community and businesses in WA

Australian Government Resources

Learn about the COVID-19 disease, symptoms and effects

COVID-19 vaccines are recommended for everyone 5 years and older. Find out more about getting vaccinated

Learn about long COVID and where to get help for ongoing symptoms

Other Resources

Resources and independent advice for federal and state governments, opposition, business, community and non-government agencies in Australia, from a multi-disciplinary network of Australian experts from a broad range of sectors relevant to the well-being of the Australian population during and after the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Advocating for Consumers

Since the pandemic began, HCC has been actively advocating for consumers’ needs.

In 2024, while news of COVID infections may occur less frequently in the media, we know that COVID remains a concern for medically vulnerable people and the community at large. Community infection rates fluctuate as new variations and waves occur, and evidence about the impact of Long COVID and multiple infections is still emerging. This leaves many in the community concerned about whether WA is doing enough to manage the risk of serious illness or widespread infection.

Now that we are living with COVID, our advocacy continues for:

  • Clear, accessible information about how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones
  • Clear, accessible information for people who are at increased risk of severe disease from COVID, including people who are immuno-compromised
  • Access to low/no-cost protection measures for people at increased risk of severe disease including respirators, anti-virals, and vaccinations

We raise these issues with decision makers at the state and Federal Departments of Health – see our updates below for more on this.

Community Conversations

We know that many people value the opportunity to hear the latest information about the ongoing impacts of COVID, and how to protect ourselves. HCC regularly holds Community Conversations with senior health leaders to provide the latest information and answer your questions.

More information on upcoming Community Conversations can be found on our events page.

Recordings of previous Community Conversations are available on YouTube.

Health Consumers’ Council Updates

December 2023: Advocating for consumer rights as we live with COVID

November/December 2023: COVID Health Consumer Sentiments

November 2023: COVID health protections in hospitals

[Last updated February 2024]