Emergency Access Reform Ministerial Taskforce

In May 2022 the Premier of WA launched a package of reforms to improve emergency care in WA. This included setting up a Ministerial Taskforce on this issue, led by the Minister for Health. (Read more about that announcement here: https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/McGowan/2022/05/New-252-million-dollar-reform-package-to-improve-WA-emergency-care.aspx)

Health Consumers’ Council (HCC) were approached to join the Project Control Group for this work. Clare Mullen, HCC’s Deputy Director, has attended two meetings so far.

The Project Control Group’s role is to inform system strategy and provide operational guidance for the planning, delivery and evaluation of the Emergency Access Reform (EAR) program.

Through our role in this group, HCC is advocating for consumer and carer involvement in work that will be taking place at each health service to identify ways to reduce pressure on Emergency Departments and to make sure the WA community is able to access the right healthcare, in the time place, at the right time.

This could include identifying clinically appropriate alternative treatment options as people enter the health service – meaning people who don’t need emergency treatment don’t have to wait unnecessarily in an ED waiting room, or in an ambulance outside the hospital. It could also include supporting timely discharge from hospital to other appropriate services when someone no longer needs specialist medical treatment.

We plan to organise a community conversation on this topic with the Department of Health team so that consumer, carer, community and lived experience representatives will have the chance to find out more about work that is planned.

For more information, contact clare.mullen@hconc.org.au

[Last updated 15/09/22]

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