Rosemary Caithness Nominations

Dr Andrew Davies | Homeless Healthcare

Andrew’s foundational work in creating Homeless Healthcare GP service has formed the lynch pin of the East Metropolitan Health Service’s Homeless Healthcare service. This is a partnership of health and housing services addresses the multiple needs of people who find themselves homeless. “It is vitally important that we recognise that a homeless person is exactly that – a person.  They just happen to be homeless.  Like all people, recognition of our individual needs and desires is important, as is the process of building trust.”

Dr John Edwards | Cambridge Clinic

A health professional who is respected for treating everyone as an equal, Dr John Edwards is highly regarded for his compassionate approach to every patient.

CEO Antonella Segre & Team | Connect Support Groups Support Group Australia

CEO Antonella Segre displays a unique passion for the sector. Everyone is made to feel relevant. She has created an amazing team which support all members in important ways.  Countless community engagement events, training and initiatives have strengthened the group. A significant outcome this support group has become a National Network and hopes soon to receive charity status.

Melissa Vernon | WA County Health Service

Melissa is an ardent committed community focused, value-based leader and advocate of consumer and carer rights.  Melissa has created a sustainable legacy for country communities from the variety of initiatives she has led for WA Country Health Service.  People’s lives have been saved and improved, and people who were without access to services now have that opportunity in their own community.