Policy and Reform

HCC is the WA peak independent health consumer organisaiton. There are always a large number of policies and reform agendas happening at state and local level, and this page aims to track key policies and reforms that are being worked on by HCC.

Health Complaints Policy and Process

Mesh Implants

Breast Implants

Medical Devices

Cancer Care

Palliative Care

Sustainable Health Review

Review of Safety and Quality of Health Services in WA

Position Statements

We have been reviewing and developing Position Statements on a range of issues. Please contact us with any queries as we are aware that this resource-intensive activity could always be improved.

See current Position Statements here

Consumers Health Forum

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) is the national peak organization representing Australian health consumers and their local organizations. With over a hundred organizations in its membership, including the Health Consumers’ Council of Western Australia as a voting member, CHF has overall responsibility for coordinating national policy and promoting the interests of Australian health consumers.

Rather than duplicate the work of CHF in producing policy documents, HCC coordinates the contribution of W.A. consumers, both groups and individuals, to the development of health policy and planning, research and health service delivery, through education, advocacy, dissemination of information and through facilitating consumer participation.

For more information about the CHF, or to access or order copies of CHF policy publications, such as position statements, submissions and information papers, please go to the CHF website: www.chf.org.au.