Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

We, the Health Consumers’ Council (WA) Inc., acknowledge the reality and impact of systemic racism that Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and other People of Colour have experienced, and continue to experience. We know this to be a reality in our health services, and this is noted on our state’s Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework 2015-2020 which states “Racism and discrimination experienced by Aboriginal people in the delivery of health services contributes to low levels of access, engagement and compliance with treatment (Awofeso, 2011).

Numerous other scientific and peer-reviewed research studies identify the impact of structural and
individual racism and systemic oppression ingrained and evidenced in Australian society and the wider
global community.

The Health Consumers’ Council avows the inherent value of all human life. Our solidarity with the
Black Lives Matter Movement is an acknowledgement that until Black Lives Matter, equality and
inclusivity is not possible. Ethnicity, religion, culture, gender, orientation, disability, age, or status does
not negate that accessible and culturally safe health care is a basic human right.

The Health Consumers’ Council stands firm in its vision of equitable, person-centred, culturally
responsive quality health care for all Western Australians. We understand that in order to be an ally
to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples we have to move towards anti-racism, which includes
initiatives such as developing a Solidarity Statement. We operate by these principles and encourage
members of the community to contact us if you are not receiving the high quality health care that you

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


Executive Director – Pip Brennan
Chair – Mallika Macleod

Management Committee July 2020 –
Richard Brightwell, Deputy Chair
Steve Walker, Treasurer
Rebecca Carbone, Secretary
Christine Sindely, Member
Rebecca Smith, Member
Cr Samantha Bradder, Member
Danae Watkins, Member
Tina Tuira-Waldon, Member


Download this statement as a PDF here