Compassionate Care Nominations

Dr Adam Nuttall | AHG Super Clinic Midland

Dr Adam Nuttall is a knowledgeable and compassionate GP. One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “In 2014, Dr Nuttall saved the life of my daughter, by diagnosing her with a massive Rosette-forming glioneuroma tumour of the fourth ventricle, when no other health professional had the ability nor the knowledge to do so. We believe that Rebecca would not be alive today, if it weren’t for Dr Nuttall’s diagnosis, advice and follow up.” The nominator said that as well as being highly skilled, he is also compassionate and understanding.

Tina Tuira-Waldon | Te Urupu IMPI Inc

Tina is of NZ Maori descent and wishes to acknowledge the custodians of the land, the Wadjuk-Noonga peoples.

Tina said “I have been the support person for those seeking help and those that are grieving due to suicide. Whether it’s supporting them to the hospital or service provider for medical attention or counselling sessions. At least there is someone that they can count on to ensure their health and wellbeing is looked after, even if they can’t understand it themselves. It’s a ‘guiding hand’ at least.

“I have had to use Intervention skills when someone is thinking of suicide. But I keep going, encouraging people that life is worth living even if they feel it isn’t. I say ‘take one moment at a time, and one day at a time, it will get easier for you as time goes by’”.

Dr Judith Thompson | Bodylogic Physiotherapy

Judith is a Specialist Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2008) and is a lecturer on the post graduate Continence and Women’s Health physiotherapy course at Curtin University. Judith specialises in the treatment of bladder and bowel incontinence in men and women, bladder, uterine and bowel prolapse problems, as well as pre and post-natal disorders, and pelvic pain management.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “Judith goes above and beyond her job role to deliver exemplary care. She sacrifices personal time to fit me and others in need into her day. She is truly dedicated to her vocation. She has seen me through a very challenging time in my life and been a pillar of strength and shining light in a time where other health professionals were not accessible”.

Dr Andrew Leech | Queensgate Medical Centre

Dr Andrew Leech is passionate about family health and the integral role of a GP. He believes that GPs have a unique opportunity to see patients regularly, see their concerns from another perspective, and work through the impact those problems can have on each individual member of that family.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said Dr Leech was an amazing GP who has “time after time gone above and beyond the call of duty for our kids and family, showing such dedication to his job and patients”.

Dr Nathan Highton | Royal Perth Hospital – Emergency Department

Royal Perth Hospital Emergency Department’s Dr Nathan Highton is recognised for continuing to go above and beyond his call of duty, and making his patients and their family members or carers feel comfortable and well cared for during what can be a stressful and sometimes unsettling time.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said Dr Highton was a credit to the hospital. “The care, professionalism and communication skills he has are second to none.”

Kelly Holmes | Cardiac Liaison Nurse at Perth Children’s Hospital

Kelly is the Cardiac Liaison Nurse for Perth Children’s Hospital. She always makes the effort to go above and beyond for patients, and is described as empathetic, caring, understanding and amazing at her job.

Kelly said “One of my most precious gifts in this role is to provide updates throughout the surgery itself, I become the family’s eyes and ears when they cannot be with their child during the most stressful time. I see this role as extremely important and provide honest updates throughout the surgery and do not hide any information from our families. It will be myself that will inform families that all is going well but equally if all is not going well. This is enabled by the trust that is built with the family in the lead up to the surgery and preparations”.

Kalamunda Hospital Palliative Care nursing team

Kalamunda Hospital has seen focused growth in its specialist inpatient palliative care service during its 40 years of operation. In the last few years alone, the palliative care ward has gone from a four bed unit to a 20 bed unit. Clinical Nurse Specialist Cheryl Potter said the service provides comprehensive specialist medical, nursing and allied health care based on the unique needs of patients, carers and families when facing a life limiting illness.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said the nursing team always put the patient first. “They go above and beyond and treat every patient with respect and dignity at the worst time of their life. They showed such compassion and care.”

Joanna McIntosh | Team Leader of the Complex Care Coordination service at Armadale Health Service

Jo’s background is in physiotherapy and she has worked in several hospitals across Perth and England including Armadale Health Service, Fremantle Hospital, Rockingham General Hospital, Kettering General Hospital and Innsbrook Hospital. She is an advocate of patient-centred care who continually strives to improve care by strengthening the relationships, partnerships and collaborative care with other community-based services.

“I worked in the Armadale Health Service Emergency Department for 7 years and felt that I made a real difference to patients on their worst day. I could help improve their pain physically, support them emotionally and help them as they were either discharged home or admitted to hospital. Over the years, I realised I could make an even bigger difference to patients and followed my passion of improved communication, interaction and shared care planning with primary health services and GPs. Incorporating my values of kindness, compassion and fairness to everyone, in combination with my determination in the pursuit of excellent patient care, especially to those most vulnerable, has led me to a role I am incredibly passionate about.”

Linda Kuuse | Senior Coordinator of the Stirling Community Care Day Clubs

Linda Kuuse is the Senior Coordinator of the Stirling Community Care Day Clubs in the City of Stirling. She is praised as an outstanding mentor and leader who works together with her staff, clients and carers to deliver optimal health outcomes for the clients she sees on a daily basis, and the wider community.

“She has worked tirelessly to implement a culture change within the environment which has provided some assurance of sustainability of the programs which were previously under threat. During unsettling times, she has been a pivotal support for staff and members, using effective performance management skills to not only retain existing staff members, but to further develop staff skills to provide an enhanced model of care.”

Michelle Baines | Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Kalamunda Palliative Care Unit

Michelle has been praised for consistently showing high standards of quality and compassionate care to patients and their families. She has previously done some amazing work in the Armadale Rehabilitation and Aged Care Ward in facilitating a number of initiatives to prevent patient falls and providing education to staff.

“Michelle has recently undertaken the Clinical Nurse Specialist role up at the Kalamunda Palliative Care Unit where her professional, compassionate and caring efforts have been recognised by both consumers and staff of the community hospital. Michelle has taken her new role in her stride and identified a number of initiatives to improve the overall patient and family experience across the Palliative Care Unit. This includes communication workshops for all staff to attend covering subjects like understanding triggers and escalation, and strategies to improve communication by really putting yourself in others shoes.”

Naomi Pettersson | King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women – Physiotherapy Department

Naomi is a physiotherapist with specialised skills and knowledge in women’s health and neonatal physiotherapy, providing expert care to help improve
quality of life for women.

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “Naomi is the most empathetic, kind and compassionate person I have been lucky enough to receive treatment from. From the moment I walked into her room she immediately made me feel at ease, and she has continued to make me feel comfortable at every appointment. She has made me feel like no question is too dumb, she truly listens to my suggestions, and constantly encourages me to listen to my body, reiterating that I know my own body best. I can’t thank Naomi enough for always looking at me as a whole person, for making me feel seen and heard, and for always treating me with incredible kindness and compassion”.

SJOG Endoscopy Unit

The Endoscopy Unit at St John of God Murdoch Hospital performs, on average, 240 procedures per week.

One consumer shared their experience when nominating said the team helped alleviate her stress and address her concerns before a procedure. “I received such thoughtful and compassionate care – I had full confidence in this friendly and professional team.”

RPH Haematology & Oncology

One consumer who shared their experience when nominating said “I am a cancer patient and attend appointments regularly at this department. I am an Aboriginal Elder of this area, being 60 years of age. Over the time I have attended the reception area of haematology and oncology, I have been observing the staff at reception. They are very, very committed to their work”.

Teresa Togno | Mental Health Recovery Worker at Chorus

Chorus is an organisation that offers support, mentoring, and a future for people with mental health illnesses. Teresa has been praised for going out of her way to make sure clients feel listened to, feel supported and feel safe.

“She makes sure contact details of organisations are given to clients in case they need support after hours, she attends as an advocate where needed. She turns up early for work if a client has been unwell and may need extra support or some inspirational words to get through till psychs/specialists open at 9am. Many clients see her as their first call of direction/support and she always has good things to say, very pleasant happy personality.”

Kieran English | Stroke Rehabilitation – Royal Perth Bentley Group

The Bentley Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (Ward 5) provides exceptional care for patients requiring rehabilitation following stroke or neurological injury for younger adult patients requiring rehabilitation. The nursing team work collaboratively with all multidisciplinary members, and include in their team both the patient support staff and ward clerks to provide holistic, seamless care from the point of admission to the point of discharge, facilitating often complex barriers to enable patients to return to their home in the community in some instances which would appear unachievable during the planning process.

Carli Beange | Clinical Midwife – Armadale Kalamunda Group

Carli has been recognised by patients and their families on numerous occasions for her dedicated and professional ongoing care and commitment to her clients. She has been described as caring and supportive, specifically when things didn’t go as planned and patients became distressed and anxious.

Carli’s patients often describe her as amazing and awesome, saying she goes above and beyond in her role. They say they have great respect, appreciation and admiration for her and the significant role she has played in their lives. She has been able to help women feel comfortable and confident becoming first time mothers, being the perfect balance of assertive and helping to realise realistic expectations.

Carissa Wright |  Mental Health Advocate at Our Voice 4 Change

Carissa Wright is an active mental health advocate and lived experience speaker. In addition to her speaker role with Consumers of Mental Health WA, Carissa has been involved with a range of mental health organisations, including speaking for Suicide Prevention Australia. She is also a contributing author for one of the leading mental health sites in the world.

Her expertise is sharing her experience with Borderline Personality Disorder. She is currently involved in co-designing a BPD program in Perth.

Fiona Stanley Hospital Neonatal Unit (SMHS)

The team in the Neonatal Unit at Fiona Stanley Hospital has been praised recently by consumers for their high level of care and for going above and beyond for their patients. They have been described as being supportive, kind, respectful and cooperative. One consumers said their care “had a profound effective on two new grieving parents” and another said they “gave such warmth and love to our premature twins, giving us, as parents, the strength to cope with the stress”. Consumers thanked them for their friendly smiles and kind words.