Recommendation Leads

As at September 2023 the Recommendation Leads are listed below. Unless otherwise stated, people are staff within WA Health:

RecDescriptionExec SponsorRec Lead(s)
1Public Health Prevention SpendDenise SullivanMargie Winstanley
2aHalt the rise in obesityDenise SullivanGina Ambrosini
2bReduce harmful alcohol useDenise SullivanAnne Marie Cuniffe & Teresa Ballestas
3aEquity – AboriginalJeff MoffetRussell Simpson &
Wendy Casey
3bCaLD communitiesDenise SullivanMargie Winstanley
3cLow socio-economic conditionsDenise SullivanMargie Winstanley
4Citizen & Community EngagementJodie SouthClare Mullen, HCC and Fran Downey, DoH
5Reduce Environmental FootprintDenise SullivanDr Revle Bangor-Jones
6aMental Health – Step Up Step DownDr Lesley Bennett and Maureen Lewis, MHCtbc
6bMH – ReportingDr Lesley Bennett and Maureen Lewis, MHCtbc
6cMH – Planning and CommissioningDr Lesley Bennett and Maureen Lewis, MHCtbc
7MHAOD – Services Dr Lesley Bennett and Maureen Lewis, MHCtbc
8First 1000 DaysValerie JovanovicFiona Buswell-Smith
9Last 1000 DaysJodie SouthAlicia Raguseo
10WAPHA WA Health PartnershipDr Shirley BowenChris Kane, WAPHA and Fran Downey, DoH
11aOutpatients – Primary HealthPaul FordenCaitlyn Hynes
11bOutpatient – TelehealthPaul Forden Caitlyn Hynes
12Coordination for Country PatientsJeff MoffetMelissa Vernon
13Complex conditions, frequent presentersDr Lesley BennettCaitlyn Hynes
14Transform caring for older peopleNicole O’KeefeKayla Calladine and Carol Cheney
15Improve interface with aged care, disability, healthNicole O’KeefeKayla Calladine
16High Value Healthcare PartnershipJames WilliamsonAudrey Koay
17Funding – High Value Health CareRob AndersonMargi Faulkner
18Treasury and Health agreementRob AndersonGiulia Clifford
19Federal – fair share of fundingNicole O’KeefeKayla Calladine
20Planning Health ServicesAngela KellyDavid Axworthy
21Data analysis and real time reportingRob AndersonMargi Faulkner
22Digital Health – 10 year planNicole O’KeefeLucy Cordone
23Culture of courage, innovation and accountabilityDr David Russell-Weisz, DGChad Martino
24Culture – AccountabilityDr David Russell-Weisz, DGMegan Inglis
25Contemporary workforce roles and scope of practiceJodie SouthDr Simon Towler
26Workforce partnerships with Universities, Vocational EducationJodie SouthMegan Inglis
27Remove barriers to equity, flexibility and transparency in workplace arrangementsNicole O’KeefeJustine Withers
28Statewide network of innovation unitsAngela Kellytbc
29Research and HealthAngela Kellytbc
30ImplementationNicole O’KeefeLexie Morton