What is Patient Experience Week?

What does Patient Experience mean?

The Beryl Institute is an international collective of people passionate about improving the patient experience. They have created this definition: “Patient Experience is the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organisations culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.” (The Beryl Institute)

What is Patient Experience Week?

Patient Experience Week is an initiative of the Beryl Institute to celebrate healthcare staff impacting patient experience everyday. Inspired by members of the Institute community, Patient Experience Week provides a focused time for organisations to celebrate accomplishments, re-energise efforts and honour the people who impact patient experience everyday. From nurses and physicians, to support staff and executive professionals, to patients, families and communities served, the Institute hopes to bring together healthcare organisations across the globe to observe Patient Experience Week. It is usually held in the last week in April.

Why does the Health Consumers Council run Patient Experience Week Events?

The Health Consumers’ Council is passionate about the partnership between health consumers and service providers in shaping a kinder, more compassionate, person-centred health system. The CEO of the Beryl Institute, Jason Wolf, attended our 2017 Patient Experience Week Event all the way from the US as our event was the only one in the world that was convened by consumers rather than health service providers.

From 2016 we have announced the winners of our Health Consumer Excellence Awards during this week.