Partners in Change – Obesity Collaborative

The Department of Health has convened a new Collaborative tackling the critical health issue of overweight and obesity. The Health Consumers’ Council is working in partnership with the Department and the WA Primary Health Alliance to ensure the consumer voice is front and centre of any policy and service planning.

We believe it is important that the conversations are informed by real experiences of people managing their weight. We have sought feedback via a survey and we have had a great response with more than 700 responses. We also held two face to face community workshops in September, invited people to tell us their stories of managing their weight, and opened up an online brainstorm process for people to access anonymously and remotely.

Stories are powerful

Many people shared their stories of managing their weight with us. Some of these stories were included in the Obesity Collaborative – Partners in Change Summit which took place on 17 October 2018. Here is a copy of the presentation that HCC gave as part of the opening session. We’ll share the notes and further information from this event when they’re available.

Video 1 – Consumer and Carer Perspectives

Video 2 – Parents and Children’s Perspectives

We will continue to share people’s stories with people in the health system who are working to improve or develop policies or services that will support people to achieve their weight loss goals.

If there is anything in your story that you believe would identify you, and you don’t want that to be shared, please make sure you let us know. Likewise, if you want to discuss any of the issues raised in your story, please contact Clare Mullen at or call 6311 9713

If you have a story that you’d like to share, you can send this to us as:

  • a 3-5 minute video clip
  • a 3-5 minute audio clip
  • via an online survey form
  • up to 2 pages in writing – see here for a suggested template, but you can use any format or structure you like.

Send your stories to

See what people are saying and take part anonymously in an online brainstorm

You can take part in an online brainstorming process by clicking on the link below. We’re using GroupMap and it’s been set up so that you can anonymously share your feedback about your experiences and comment or like what other people have said.

  • Join the online brainstorm here – when you first access the link you’ll be asked for your email address. That’s so that you can be sent the link to return and update your comments. Your email address is not linked to your responses.

You can also join a private Facebook Group here or join the email mailing list

We’re keen to hear people’s real experiences so if none of these options work for you, and you’d like to discuss another way of sharing, or if you’ve any questions about this project, contact or call reception on 9221 3422.