Health Information

Information is essential for you to be confident and empowered when making choices about your own health care.

Knowledge about health issues is constantly changing. Every year increases the sum of human knowledge through scientific and medical research, and consumers are empowered who are able to access and understand new information, relevant to their health care.

Warning on using the Internet

The Internet can be an invaluable source of up to date information, about medical conditions, illnesses, research findings, services and other issues of importance to you. However, the quality and reliability of health – related sites on the Internet are varied. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Further, each health consumer or patient is an individual, whose condition is unique. Not all advice on the Internet is good. Not all advice will be relevant or safe for you. A good approach to using the Internet is to make notes on the information that interests you and then discuss it with the doctor or other health professional who is treating you.

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