Rights & Responsibilities in Healthcare and Going to Hospital


Health Consumers’ Council provides this free, interactive information session to communities. The session increases awareness and knowledge about patient/carer rights and responsibilities in healthcare and going to hospital. The sorts of topics discussed are:

  • Is it okay to ask questions when you see a doctor?
  • Is it okay to ask for an interpreter?
  • What can you do if something goes wrong when you see a doctor?
  • How do you get test results?
  • What do you need to prepare and know when going to the hospital, while at the hospital, and when going home from the hospital

This session has been designed for people from diverse cultural backgrounds who may not have been in Australia for very long and for whom English is a second language.

If your community would like to book a session, please complete an expression of interest from available here or send an email to Nadeen@hconc.org.au