Consumer Updates and Conversations

The implementation of the Sustainable Health Review is expected to be a ten-year process. The commitment to new approaches to support citizen and community partnership should open many doors for consumer, carer and community representatives to be involved. In order to support us to be effective, this page aims to provide up to date information about the Sustainable Health Review.

There was a Consumer Briefing Session on the Sustainable Health Review conducted on 19th October 2020 by Nicole O’Keefe and Nicole Bennett from the WA Department of Health here or click the video link below:

You can also access copies of the slides here from the presentations here:

26th October 2020 Community Conversations and Feedback

After the 19th October session, we ran a further session which was a chance for consumers to reflect on all the information provided at the 19th October session and give their feedback on what were some of their ideas.

Click here to read the report

Click here to read the PowerPoint report

Updates on specific recommendations

Recommendation 2a: Halt the rise in obesity in WA by July 2024 and have the highest percentage of population with a healthy weight of all states in Australia by July 2029

In this short (11m) video, we give a brief overview of what we know about the plans in regards to this recommendation as of early August 2021. You can find out more about Health Consumers’ Council’s work in this area at We are also adding more videos to our You Tube playlist – click here to view