Past Diversity Dialogues


Barriers and Enablers to CaLD population blood borne virus and sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and treatment

In partnership with the Community of Practice for Action on HIV and Mobility (CoPAHM) this panel discussion focused on the challenges around diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood-borne viruses (BBVs) in culturally and linguistically diverse (particularly migrant) populations.  The conversation touched on barriers such as language (including the challenge of using interpreters), low perception of risk, stigma and taboo and enablers mainly in the form of community peer led education programs as well as not generalising people from a CaLD background or certain continent plus universal testing.  You can read the report here and watch the recording hereYou can also see a summary of our 2021 sexual health events here.

Promoting sexual and reproductive health for CaLD youth 

Together with the Multicultural Youth Advisory Network of Western Australia (MYAN WA) we delivered a panel discussion on the unique challenges faced by youth from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds with a panel of largely lived experience speakers.  Youth and one professional speaker talked about gaining sex education and navigating access to contraception and reproductive health education and treatment in the backdrop of taboo, little to no education at home and diverse and often mixed cultural perspectives.  You can read the report here and also see a summary of our 2021 sexual health events here


Exploring Challenges Around CaLD youth mental health

We partnered with Consumers’ of Mental Health WA (CoMHWA) on this event.  Our  panel discussed some of the complex and unique challenges faced by multicultural youth in Australia in regards to facing mental health issues and navigating diagnosis and treatment.  Some of the opportunities to overcome barriers were also explored with a panel of youth workers and youth with lived experience. Read the full report here.

Quality care from a physical distance: Delivering quality and culturally responsive telehealth services

This webinar was delivered in partnership with the  Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre.  The focus of this  webinar was delivering quality and culturally responsive telehealth services to people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds, through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.  The panel was made up of advocates providing a lived experience perspective as well as health and interpreting professionals.  Note the clarifications of matters discussed below, read the report here and Watch the recording here.

Clarifications on matters around interpreters discussed in the webinar (correct at time of writing)

  • Free interpreting through TIS is available for GPs but not allied health professionals.
  • Video interpreting with TIS is now available.
  • GPs cannot charge for using an interpreter (there is no MBS item number).  If consultation time is extended, then it may be suitable to charge for a longer consultation if clinically justified.


Creating Connections: Engaging effectively with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) community members in regional WA  

This diversity dialogue session was done in partnership with WA Country Health Services. It focused on the sharing of lived experiences in engaging cross-culturally to enhance the patient experience, including discussions of strategies in working cross-culturally. Read the full report here. 


Delivering health information to people from CaLD background

This Diversity Dialogue forum was held in partnership with Department of Health’s Cultural Diversity Unit and Ishar Multicultural Women’s Services. The forum allowed us to gain insight around how community members access health information, seek various perspectives on useful health education materials, and explore effective ways of delivering health information. Read the full report here.

Difficult Conversations – Talking about Advance Care Planning (ACP) with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

This Diversity Dialogue forum was conducted in collaboration with the Department of Health through the Health Networks Clinical Leadership and Reform, Clinical Excellence Division and the Cultural Diversity Unit, Public and Aboriginal Health Division. The panel of consumers and service providers have knowledge and experience in ACP and/or cultural understanding of their communities. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the panel of Community Leaders, to share  thoughts and ideas and be part of the changes that will ensure difficult end of life conversations occur in a culturally sensitive and effective manner. Read the full report here.

The Use of Interpreters in healthcare settings

This session was a  joint venture between the Health Consumers’ Council (HCC) and the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network WA (MYAN WA). The specific focus of the session was the use of interpreters in medical settings. The aim of the session was to bring health service providers, practitioners, youth and settlement sector workers and young people together to build knowledge and awareness and to develop strategies and recommendations on this topic. The first half of the forum included a panel of professionals that work in the area and young people who shared their knowledge and experiences on this topic. Read the full report here.


What is equal opportunity & how does it support equity & diversity in healthcare provision?

This Diversity Dialogues explored ‘what does the inverse care law look like in Western Australia and how does it link with equal opportunity and equity?’ Attendees heard more about equity and diversity in healthcare and participated in discussions regarding this at the Diversity Dialogues Forum. Download the report here. 


Effective mental health practices when working cross culturally

This Diversity Dialogues was held in partnership with Fremantle Hospital and focused on engaging with communities, the impact of funding and staffing cuts on service provision,  the ability to offer equitable service, how to be more inclusive of diversity in a mental health setting and how to create an environment that celebrates and welcomes diversity. Download the report here. 


Diversity Dialogues | Developing a culturally aware hospital

This Diversity Dialogues was held in partnership with Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH). FSH staff, healthcare and other service providers and health consumers attended this free forum to explore ways to develop hospital services and patient care strategies that respond to cultural diversity. The outcome of this forum was to formulate recommendations regarding best practice at FSH.  The panellists from a range of cultural backgrounds, shared their knowledge and experience around culturally aware practice, building culturally inclusive services and discussing the importance of cultural awareness in best practice. The forum was co-facilitated by Louise Ford, Consumer & Community Engagement Manager, HCC and Michelle John, Customer Liaison Service Manager, FSH.

A multicultural perspective on pregnancy, childbirth & postnatal care

This forum was held in partnership with Department of Nursing & Midwifery Education and Research at KEMH and was co-facilitated by Louise Ford (HCC) and Jenny Owen (Midwifery Educator – KEMH). This Diversity Dialogues forum was held to explore ways to work effectively with women and families, from CaLD backgrounds, throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. There were opportunities to ask questions of the Panel members as well as networking. The Panel was made up of people from various cultural backgrounds shared their knowledge of beliefs and practices. Download the report here. 


Cultural interpretations of, & thoughts around Mental Health

This Diversity Dialogues was presented in partnership with Community West.  This Diversity Dialogues focused on exploring concepts, cultural interpretations of and thoughts around mental health. The aim of the forum was to establish how these can be used to inform practice with regard to treatment, adherence to treatment and encouraging and supporting patient/client engagement, including those who have experienced torture/trauma i.e. refugees. Download the report here. 


This Diversity Dialogues forum was in partnership with Alzheimer’s Australia WA  with a focus on dementia. It explored what dementia means in different cultures, including looking at beliefs and values around this condition and how people are treated culturally, medicinally, and by their family and community. Following the formal part of the forum a discussion took place about the impact of culture on people’s experiences as healthcare consumers/carers in WA. Download the report here. 

Men’s Health

This Diversity Dialogues forum focused on men’s access to healthcare e.g. are men from new and emerging communities accessing adequate health care, if not, why not; what are barriers for men accessing health care in WA, are men aware of services that are available to them? Download the report here. 


Health, healthcare & culture

This Diversity Dialogues forum focused on barriers to healthcare for people from new and emerging communities. The forum was a Q and A session with Stan, Safi, Joansy and others. Download the report here.