Tell someone if they’ve had a positive impact on your experience of the health system


Tell someone if you’ve had a positive experience

For Health Service providers

  • You can download this poster to let people know about the postcard
  • You can use the HCC logo and our Patient Experience Week logo to help promote the postcards
  • You can email us on if you need more information or would like the postcard in InDesign format

Studies suggest that saying thank you can lead to a 50 per cent increase in helpfulness – so by expressing your thanks for a job well done, you could be helping to make the health system just a bit better!

Patient Experience Week is an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the ways that staff in health services can have a positive impact on our experience of the health system. We encourage you to let someone know if they have helped you have a positive experience in the health system. Just fill in one of these postcards with their name and a note, and hand it or email it to the team. We welcome carers and family members to also fill out a card when they have a positive experience.

Thank you!