Month: February 2019

A day at HCC

Early in January, a Graduate Project Officer from the WA Department of Health Graduate Development Program spent half a day in our offices, shadowing HCC director Pip Brennan. Emily had the opportunity to talk to our engagement and advocacy teams, and learn more about how our organisation works, giving her a better understanding of how HCC advocates for consumers and how HCC operates at a high level. 

“Meeting the Individual Advocacy team was a unique experience,” Emily said.

“I learnt how such services are provided and how the tireless work of the HCC advocates brings about life changing outcomes for consumers. Being an individual advocate proves to be a diverse and rewarding role, as each consumer’s case is unique.”

Being passionate about social justice and advocacy herself, Emily said the idea of collaborating with consumers to reach the best possible outcome was inspiring.

“It was wonderful to see that the voice of consumers is being heard and action is being taken accordingly.”

The highlight of Emily’s shadowing opportunity was sitting in on a meeting with director Pip Brennan and Engagement Manager Clare Mullen. The planning and brainstorming processes she observed focused on future events and initiatives.  

“It was inspiring to see such passion be incorporated into planning and I admired the way Pip and Clare encouraged creative thinking.”

Emily’s shared the key learnings she gained from the experienced.

“Understanding a situation or proposal from a range of perspectives is essential to the success of an idea,” she said.

“Forming mutual respect and creating positive relationships with stakeholders results in enhanced collaboration and ultimately better outcomes for all.”

Her third takeaway was acknowledging that there is a lot of good will and grand efforts being undertaken by people across the health sector.

“It can be easy to forget the good amongst negative headlines and situations; however, in order to ensure good things continue to be undertaken it is important to recognise people’s efforts and motivate them to continue,” Emily said.

HCC would like to thank Emily for her time and hope that the opportunity to learn about HCC’s consumer advocacy and our operations were beneficial to her future career in health.