Month: April 2022

Health Services Act – Independent Governance Review

How does the way the WA Health system is managed impact consumers, carers and the community?

The Health Services Act 2016 introduced a new governance structure (how the health system is run and managed) to the WA Health system. The East, North, South, Country and Child and Adolescent Health Services (HSPs) as well as PathWest were created. An Independent Review into that governance structure started in April 2022.

Click here to look at a PowerPoint we put together on the Review Click here to watch the presentation with the slides

Report published

The Report of the Review was tabled in Parliament on 25 October 2022. You can read HCC’s take on the Report after a rapid review at this post

You can review the report, and the submissions received at

We will continue to review this document in detail. We’re holding a rapid consumer/carer/lived experience leader briefing session on the report on Tuesday 1 November, 12pm – 1.30pm. You can register to attend this session at  

Consumer involvement in the consultation

Members of the Independent Review joined two consultation sessions held online and in person on Wednesday 4th May. At the sessions we focused the feedback sessions on the following:

  • consumer involvement
  • patient experience
  • emergency management
  • prevention and care in the community
Click here to read the report from the consumer workshops with the Review Panel

We also used that to inform our submission.

Click here to read HCC’s submission to the Review

The public consultation closed on 20 May. We know a number of people made their own submissions to the Review. We look forward to being able to share next steps with you as we find out about them.